Eat What You Read: Cooking from Novels

One time when I was rereading one of my favorite novels The Help, I was truly enticed with the fantastic cooking of Minny, one of the characters in the book. I, being an absolute foodie, had my mouth watering the whole time the author Kathryn Stockett described the cooking of her character. Then a lightbulb suddenly clicked. I thought “I should try some of these recipes in real life, see what happens.” This is how this segment was born. Being new to the blogging scene I try to challenge myself in innovating my blogger website with various activities. With this thought in mind I had an idea that has a Julie and Julia-esque feel to it.

What is this “Eat What You Read” feature all about? This particular portion of my blog is dedicated to executing delicious meals (hopefully) inspired by my favorite novels. From appetizers to viands to desserts I will try to show you guys a step-by-step procedure on how to cook these meals (mind you I am not a professional nor a certified cook so please bear with me). I will most definitely be CANDID towards my own cooking. So if you want to join me in rediscovering my passion for cooking and at the same time igniting your imagination with reading various novels with food in it well hop on board! This train of whimsy, food and fiction welcomes all types of passengers. 
As the French phrase goes Bon Appetit!

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