Blocked: Confessions Of A Totally Hindered Writer/Reader

You know how we vow to do certain things during vacations, New Years and such but you ended up doing none of those things?

You might think to yourself…

“What the hell happened?”

“Why didn’t I do those things?”

“What did I do instead?”

Trust me. I’ve been doing this pretty much all my life. I know it totally sucks! But it really pains me to say that I don’t have anybody to blame but myself. You see I’ve been trying to read more and develop a novel for months now. I imagined my self totally immersed in my craft during my summer vacation however the call of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger and Instagram was not easy to resist. It has totally hindered me to achieve all my literary dreams. Even now as I’m writing this blog I’ve been simultaneously looking at my Twitter Feed (see addicted).

I don’t know what the hell happened to me. I was never this dependent on Social Networking before but now every single minute I spend with my free time, I am either in front of my laptop tweeting away or holding my phone and opening the apps for these sites. I also feel that these things really sucks the creativity and industriousness out of me (like a cyber vampire). 

Gosh I’ve turned into a MONSTER (well I’m a fan of Gaga’s so I guess I was already a Lil’ Monster, okay back on track). Now with this sudden determination I will try to lower my daily dosage of Tweeting, Facebooking and everything else (maybe 2 hours per day instead of the usual All-Day-Long). Self-control is needed and sadly this is what I lack (so help me God!).  

Internet + Social Networking + House + Free Time + Me = EVIL COMBO

*An Update – Sadly my attempt of staying off the net did not work out. I am still having an affair with my Twitter and Facebook  instead of focusing on my love, WRITING. :/

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