LIVE THE STORY SEMINAR: The Design and Creative Process of a Designer by Amina Aranaz-Alunan

AUGUST 25, 2012 FULLY BOOKED, TAGUIG – Fully Booked, one of my beloved bookstores, chose Fashion as the overall theme for the month of August. So who better to invite as a speaker with this kind of theme than the stylish and totally chic co-founder of SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts) and handbag designer Amina Aranaz – Alunan. With impeccable taste and an eye for design, Amina was invited to give a seminar about The Design and Creative Process from the point of view of a fashion designer. Infused with impeccable vogue, the seminar was really attention grabbing that even I, an easily bored and distracted person, was listening intently on every word she says.

Held at Fully Booked Flagship store located at Bonifacio High Street, the ambiance was appropriate for this kind of event. It was intimate, comfortable and for a bibliophile like me I was in book lover’s heaven! The topic was really interesting because as an entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast and a writer wannabe I was intrigued by the topic at hand. Questions like…
Where do her ideas stem from?
How does she execute a collection?
What are the necessities to achieve such goals?
…boggled my mind as my friends and I entered the scene. The speaker, with her fluency in English, achieved to answer all the questions I had and even sparked new insights I never would have thought of.

The topics discussed are:
-The definition of the words design and creativity
-Tips on how to improve and innovate design

Amina shared to us her 13 Steps of the Creative Process which can be used in any fields:

1) Get Inspired
2) Research
3) Choose and Edit Materials
4) Create a Moodboard
5) Review
6) Finalize Moodboard
7) Create Studies
8) Narrow down your studies
9) Finalize Design
10) Prototype
11) Critique Prototype
12) Tweak and Improve
13) Final Product

She also stressed the importance of a MOODBOARD (for those who is not in the know it is “a visual stimulus to aid designers throughout the creative process”) and how to create it (I would not discuss it here).

The seminar was really entertaining and among all the seminars I’ve attended this is by far the most memorable and enjoyable. The topic was well-explained, the coordination of every detail in the seminar was fantastic and the audience was left feeling empowered.

We also had freebies to boot which included a past issue of myHome magazine; a bookmark from Penguin English Library; a small notebook; and a Fully Booked card holder. I was not expecting any of these because the seminar was free so I was gladly surprised by it. I met an icon in Philippine fashion, I got to be on one of my favorite places and I had a really good time. What more could you ask for?

However the experience would not have been complete without some lovely companions! Thanks to my dear friends this experience was beyond what I had expected it to be. 🙂

Happy Reading,


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