The Nondescript Book Lover’s Tale of MIBF 2012 | Signed Adventure #1

The nasty and wicked weather could not stop the unbelievable drive of The Nondescript Book Lover as he entered the SMX Convention Center in baited breath and a yearning that he carried all throughout the week. He laid his eyes on a large RED Book Tree cut out (which he later realized was the insignia for the 33rd Manila International Book Fair) and the first thing that popped into his head was “I’ve got to take a picture of this”. He gingerly took out his phone from his pocket and tried to be discreet with the whole process (which he failed miserably).
With a satisfied smile on his lips he hid his phone away and joined his companion, who was apparently his patient aunt, towards the portal between the mundane and the novel. His aunt gave their ticket to a guard sporting a blue barong style uniform, as if they were ready to board some magnificent train off to Bookish WonderLand.

The Nondescript Book Lover’s heart fluttered as he saw booths filled with books and other bric-a-bracs. It was like being on a Moroccan Bazaar yet instead of vibrant and pungent spices, books of different forms filled up displays.
Sailing through uncharted waters is always a scary thing, even though it involves books, and the Nondescript Book Lover longed for a familiar face. His prayers were answered when he had a chance encounter with a mystical book blogging fairy that appeared before him. Without a moment’s hesitation he silently uttered “Lucy!” when he saw her cardboard cut out apparition. Some might find this beyond weird but the Nondescript Book Lover was a fan of hers, so he once again took out his phone and captured her in her cardboardish glory!

He once again roamed around the center and The Nondescript Book Lover eventually saw a sign that was all too familiar. A huge luminous red banner was stationed a few feet before him. Anticipation filled his entirety and without any word he lunged ahead towards it like a ship following the luminous grandeur of a lighthouse.

His mouth watered as his vision were blurred with titles that he was lusting for. After an hour of walking around the NBS area he finally saw what he was looking for. With the help of a young book wench, he finally had his hands on the soft velvety grayish black cover of From The Memoirs of A Non-Enemy Combatant by Alex Gilvarry. He clutched it with extreme fervor whilst trying to keep his composure. And the fact that the author himself was going to be signing books at the event did not help gain his calm state of mind.
He also could not help himself buying Melissa de la Cruz’s sequel to the Witches of East End Series, Serpent’s Kiss, (a totally unexpected purchase). “This is the whole reason I’m at a book fair. To buy some decent books!” he thought to himself clearly indulging his shopaholic tendency.

Despite the incessant protests of his tired feet (and his wallet) he still had the guts to roam the whole convention center where he found various activities being done in different booths like the dance troop in the GOODWILL Bookstore booth.

Then the moment he has been waiting for finally came when the tiny metallic arms of his wristwatch showed that it was almost four o’clock in the afternoon (the schedule of Alex Gilvarry and Jennifer Hillier’s Book Signing event). He was so excited that he actually fell in line 30 minutes before the schedule. However the Nondescript Book Lover did not regret any of it because as soon as he caught sight of the said novelist he was in a state of utter bliss!

Then the scheduled interview commenced and he listened to the whole conversation. Questions were thrown by NBS’s marketing executive (I am very sorry but I could not remember her name) and the authors answered with humor and lightness. They were both so cool!
Alex Gilvarry (left) and Jennifer Hillier (right)
After half an hour or so the interview finally ended and the Nondescript Book Lover gleefully awaited his turn on the signing table! When it finally came down to his turn, he felt very nervous and awkward. At first he just smiled like a total nerd (thankfully the author Alex Gilvarry did not notice). The author then started a small chat with him.

“So what did you think of the novel?” Mr. Gilvarry asked while signing the Nondescript Book Lover’s copy of the book.
“So far I am totally loving it,” the Nondescript Book Lover answered, he had to admit that he just recently bought the book. “I am actually into high fashion and New York City.”
“Well this book is totally right in your alley.” Mr. Gilvarry ended the conversation with a warm smile and gave the signed book to him.

The Nondescript Book Lover was so elated when his aunt called out at him and the author for a quick snapshot. The author complied and they bought smiled at the camera phone.
With a hearty handshake, the Nondescript Book Lover happily left the signing table and completely ecstatic with how the day turned out to be. His first ever MIBF was filled with excitement, thrill and dreams coming true. So while the feel-good feeling was still in the air he and his, aunt left the Convention a sweet smile painted on his lips.
My first every signed copy of a book! 🙂
What did you guys think of this little tale? Tell me down below on the comments! 

Happy Reading, 

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