XOXO gossip girl: The End of a Fashionable Era

“Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here, your one and only source to the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s Elite.”
-Gossip Girl’s Episode Intro
The cast of Gossip Girl
Photo Credit: GossipGirl.Wikia.com*

Once upon a time, two Manhattan Upper East Side queens, S and B, ruled the world of Constance Billard School alongside with the kings of St. Jude’s School, N and C. They’re lives revolve around the luxurious and the opulent. They’ve got money, power and looks that made humble middle-class Brooklynites, Lonely Boy and Lil’ J, hungry to get inside this prestigious circle.

So who do you think chronicled the lives of this six fabulous people?

Here’s a hint:
2 words. 10 letters. You know you love her…

This post will be an homage to one of the biggest thing that ever came to my life and the reasons why I love…

Gossip Girl

GG Love Affair

The show that took my Third Year High School life by storm had finally ended after 6 seasons last December 17 2012. Sad it may be however I am really glad the network opted for a 10 episode arc rather than cutting the life out of this show at the end of the fifth season (rumors I heard and prayed that would never happen).

My love affair with this show started from the get-go and I never allowed myself to miss a single episode (That is how dedicated I am)! At that time I was only obsessed with cartoons, supernatural TV series like Buffy and Charmed. I thought teen dramas (the ones that my sister used to watch) were boring and I could never relate to such things. Then a friend of mine and I came across a show, that would really unify us as TVphiles, on ETC (the network was just beginning to take off at that time). They were advertising Gossip Girl and it piqued my interest.

I can distinctly remember watching the PILOT episode and worrying that my mom would see it (I kinda got the idea of its promiscuity on the racy TV advertisements featured on ETC) and start watching it with me (I find it beyond awkward to watch salacious things with your parents). Thank the Lord she didn’t. However my big sister did watch it with me. At first I kind of got annoyed when she kept on asking questions about the characters during the big scenes and I thought, “It’s also my first time watching the show and I don’t have the answers, so please shut up!” (We kinda switched places at that time, so I understood how annoying I was when I ask her questions).

Later on when I found out it was based on a New York Times bestselling young adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, I knew I have to keep on watching and to read the whole Gossip Girl series. Thus my guilty-pleasure obsession was born.

The Books

My Gossip Girl novels (Don’t judge me!)

I am going to be totally blunt here and say that the novel series did not live up to the TV adaptation whatsoever. The characters in the book were all spoiled, immature, rich kids who does not give a damn about anything other than themselves. Serena with all her ethereal beauty is so One-dimensional as a character and so is Nate. Blair was interesting but totally annoying at the same time. Dan, Jenny and Vanessa were all forgettable and totally nondescript. Chuck is not even a main character in the books (SPOILER ALERT: He was totally bisexual!) and if he makes an appearance you’ll notice he was completely awful. The plot of the books were vague.

With all the bitterness I have for the books I am here to confess that I completed every novel in the series (GASP!) and read all of them. At the time I was reading these, I was completely caught up with all the hype that my judgment towards the literary counterpart of the franchise were clouded. Now that I look back I felt cheated in a way. I am thankful though because with these books I might not be the book enthusiast I am now.

The Show

The television series was addictive as hell! The story was crazy good, insanely scandalous and has a lot of OMG moments. It is a far cry from the novels, so you don’t really have to read it to get to know the characters. The casts were all gorgeous (especially my beloved Leighton Meester!) and the screenwriting was good (except for the third to last seasons of the show). Need I say more?

New York I Love You, XOXO (Gossip Girl S6 E10)

When the final episode aired I knew I had to watch it in advance because I don’t want anybody spoiling the biggest revelation the show ever had: WHO WAS GOSSIP GIRL? I watched the whole thing with a sad smile on my face because I knew this was the last time I will see these group of people in the same show and I can’t afford to miss any scene. The final episode was thrilling for me however I felt that everything was rushed and the realism of some of the situation was off (especially the marriage of Chuck and Blair). I wish the whole 2 hours was dedicated solely to the episode. My favorite part was the montage of the people who was shocked at the news of who GOSSIP GIRL was and the cameo of GG’s voice-actor Kristen Bell was epic! See below for the video (courtesy of HeyHeyItsItsMeMe, Youtube**):

AND when they revealed who it was I was completely caught off guard (I will not disclose here the identity of GG because I believe that spoiling someone else’s fun is totally annoying!).

I am truly sad that the show has ended however I was given a justifiable ending and that was the greatest gift the writers of the show could give to their fans. So I am totally grateful for the six years of scandal, luxury and escapism.

You know I will always love you Gossip Girl


http://mashable.com/2012/12/18/gossip-girl-goodbye/ (A DEFINITE MUST-READ)


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