Bygone Realizations For The Year 2012

The year that had passed was a whirlwind of blogging fun. 2012 marked a very big milestone in my life for I had started my very first book blog which is Tomebound. Believe me before I created this, my blogging prowess was beyond mediocre. I hadn’t grasped the real concept of it but now as I am typing these words I can say that I am more knowledgeable and experienced.
Trust me, blogging is not a walk in the park. The glamour we see is just the good part of the process however the idea of trying to conceptualize, write and innovate blog posts every single day so that it’ll stand out among competition, in my opinion, is the hardest part of this job. I am not a pro or an experienced writer so I’ve got to hand it to those who can do this without sobbing like a baby.
Anyways 2012 was a great start for my blogging hobby and I plan on continuing it this 2013. I really hope that you guys stay tuned to my up-coming posts and try to enjoy what I give to you. I hope that I could help someone find what they’re looking for through my blog.
So sit back and relax people this year will be interesting…

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