TomeBound Once Again…

Hi there, so I guess you’ve noticed that I stopped posting anything on my blog for several months and maybe a lot of you guys are curious as to what happened to your talkative bibliophile. Fear not my dear readers (if there are still any) I am alive, well and still chatty as ever. However in the past few months I sadly wasn’t as opinionated on the blogosphere as I hoped for because I admit that I was blocked, afraid and had a minor quarter-life crisis.

You see I recently graduated last April and a lot of people would be so happy about it. True, I was totally filled with jubilation as I walked down the path towards my future however as my mind began to comprehend that the future was standing in front of me, I started to sink into the inescapable grasp of fear. I’ve always been afraid of the unknown and eventually doubt began to cloud my vision of what I am capable of. I was doubtful of my writing skills, my ability to craft stories and in general I was really doubtful of myself. Confidence was never a God-give attribute to yours truly and when uncertainty mixed into the situation, the result is a severe case of paralyzing anxiety.

Realizing that time is really going by so fast, I told myself not to be carried by the demons I had within myself and just let go of the fear, the uncertainty and the doubt. So this is why I decided that maybe it’s time to put my blogging hat on and start to write once more. Weirdly enough, as I am typing out these words in this virtual page, I actually feel the weight of negativity slowly lifting up.

I want to say thank you to all my dear friends and supportive family members that kept on reminding me that my dream is not that far fetched and that whatever I put my mind into I shall achieve with flying colors. Be prepared for more blog-worthy readings and other literary stuff that I’ll be posting.

Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to comment and share some of the moments in your life that kept you from following dreams…


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