Physical Books VS Virtual Books

Technology has become more and more advanced as the years fly by, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise that even the publishing industry is slowly converting their traditional ink-and-paper output into something more virtual. For some of you this topic might not be that big of an issue but for someone like me I’ve been pondering about the existence of traditionally bound books. Will they be extinct or will they still survive?

Which side are you on?

Throughout my childhood I’ve been immersed into a world of coloring books, pop-up books and other pieces of concrete literature. The power of the senses ruled as I saw the visuals of a story book, the smell of printed paper and matte touch of it. Now children are more inclined to play video games and read stories through their mobile screens. They would rather touch the screen of the phones than to crack open a good book (gasp!). According to the Daily Mail, “52 per cent of children preferred to read on an electronic device while only 32 per cent said they would rather read a physical book.”

This is quiet unnerving for me who is a lover of the physical tome. I couldn’t imagine a world without actual books in it. Yes we would be saving tons of trees but people should just come with a better solution to this problem than just cancelling real books altogether.

However as I got a taste of the other side and got a chance to read an ePub I have to say that I now already understand the fascination of people. The fact that you could read a good book without carrying it around with you, I think, is one of the biggest factors why people are flocking towards this.

There is just something about looking at a shelf brimming with beautiful copies of books all lined up. It gives off this certain joy that I am infected by and I am not ashamed of that. Gazing at my bookshelf is one of the things that relaxes me because of how cool and awesome they look which I don’t get in my eReader (I use iBooks BTW). 

In the words of the Roman orator Cicero “A room without books is like a body without a soul” and this statement really sums up my emotion regarding this topic. Even though I have a gut feeling that physical books wouldn’t die, will Electronic Publication a.k.a ePub truly take the throne as the number one reading material or will the old-school books still reign supreme?
What do you guys think? Please do share your thoughts by commenting below! Are you Team Physical Book or Team E-Book?

Happy Reading,

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