Word Counts and Deadlines: Camp NaNoWriMo 2013

If you join you’ll get cute badges like this!
Previously on my blog, I posted about my attempt of joining Camp NaNoWriMo (it’s National Novel Writing Month) and the trials that I faced during that ordeal. A lot of you might feel traumatized after experiencing something that is beyond your comfort zone (trust me I’ve been there) however I’ve always known that the only way to defeat an obstacle is by tackling it head on. So this year’s July leg of Camp NaNoWriMo I shall be facing the beast once more and I’m going to charge at it full-force.
What I learned from the last time I joined in:
  • Stop judging yourself and your novel. 
  • Just keep writing. 
  • You are allowed to write crappy prose and cliche filled plot lines 
  • Lock up your annoyingly perfectionist internal editor. (DO NOT LET HIM/HER OUT EVER UNTIL YOU WRITE YOUR 50 THOUSANDTH WORD) 
  • Don’t forget to have FUN!
The Goal: 50,000 words
What is at Stake: 
  • iPhone 5 battery case (I made a deal with my sister to enhance my desire to write religiously) 
  • Dignity (I’ve been blabbering about this non-stop so if I don’t finish this I might as well live on my cave of shame) 
  • Dreams (one drastic measure I have to take to finally be able to achieve this goal is to put my dreams of being a professional novelist on the line. If I don’t finish it this time it means novel writing just isn’t for me) 
I’ve got to get back to my novel so see you guys! Updates about this will come by the end of the month (or if I’ve got the time I’ll keep you posted).
So if you’ve always wanted to write a novel but you just can’t get yourself to do it, you better go check out CAMP NANOWRIMO and let your imagination run amok (and the best part is you are allowed to SUCK)! It’s not yet late to join in the fun!

Please don’t be afraid to sound off on the comments section below, I think it’s getting kind of lonely and sad down there.
Happy Novel Writing,

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