Rant Off

Hey Guys,

I am just going to rant off here and I am saying sorry in advance. I know this seems selfish or narcissistic but I believe that blogging should not be solely focused on the theme of your blog but it should coincide with the blogger themselves. I know that I am breaking some rule here (whether written or not I don’t care) and I am going to just risk it. Besides this post is part of a writer problem and this is a literary blog so technically it still fits.

Anyways I just want to share with you guys that I am once again in a rut. I am super duper stuck! So here are the details to this tragic predicament I am currently in to. As I was writing a book review that I meant to post today, I suddenly felt unhappy and that I wasn’t fulfilled with what I was doing. The saddest and most annoying part of this whole scenario is that the Esteem Sucking Demon is currently sucking away the confidence I had when I revamped this blog. I feel as though my mind keeps on telling me that I am not doing things right or that my reviews are more of a cop-out than actual pieces that people will like. The snarky little devil even told me that I should stop doing this blog and leave it to the experts.

Sadly I actually considered this for a few seconds. I went through my browser and I searched other book bloggers and how they tackled the same thing I am doing. When I saw the plentiful insights they had, that was when my heart sank even deeper. I don’t know if my thoughts are as good as these bloggers. Are my thoughts worthy enough of someone else’s time?

Again I apologize for making this post all about my first-world and totally minuscule problems but I just want to air it out.

Have you guys experienced something like this? Have you doubted yourself to the extent that you could not do what you love?

I want to know your insights so please utilize the comments section below.

Wish me luck!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I for one believe that you are worthy of our (your readers) time. Keep on doing what you love. Doesn't matter if there is no apparent result yet. As nike so popularized,just do it!


  2. Kevin says:

    Thank you very much for the lovely encouragement! I am now more confident with my self and my blog! 🙂


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