Beautiful Chaos (The Caster Chronicles #3) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl | Book Review

Plot in a Nutshell:
Whatever happened to Ethan and Lena after Beautiful Darkness ended? What does the Shadowing Song mean? 

To answer all the questions above, you should grab a copy of the third book of The Caster Chronicles which is Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. So for those who just got here into this page and is wondering what the heck is this Caster Chronicles all about well check out this synopsis from Goodreads. This is probably the main synopsis of the first book in the series however we will not be dwelling on that (Check out what I had to say about Beautiful Creatures). 
Thoughts in Details:
This particular book gripped me from the very beginning. I liked how quickly the devastating effects of their actions during Beautiful Darkness affected the whole town of Gatlin, the Caster world and how Ethan is being weirdly not himself. 
Link in this particular book really shined and became more of a likable character for me. You will be surprised on how he turns out as a character (I know I did). 
Lena is not as annoying as compared to her bratty and whiny self in Beautiful Darkness. She gets back her sense of what she is in the first book and you get to see her become more stronger (magically and emotionally).
The biggest change in a character I’ve noticed was with Amma. In this book you will see a side of her that is unsettling and frazzled which is far from her sassy and confident self which I liked because I finally got to see the weaker side of her and what makes her real. 
The sequencing of the plot is fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable. The ending of the book is such a heart wrenching scene that I even asked my mother to get me the final installment (which I rarely do!).
There is nothing bad I could say about this book aside from the fact that it is yet another 500+ page book. If you are still not used to the enormity of the novels, get over it! 
My expectations for this book was not that high but upon reading it I was totally blown away! My advice to you get the fourth book as well because trust me you’ll want it afterwards. 
This book deserves a…

Thumbs Up! It was a total step-up from the second novel, good job!
Okay so I do hope you got some useful insights on my review! If you have any comments about this book or anything regarding this just sound off below! 
Happy Reading,


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