Top 5 Favorite Booktubers

I would just like to list down some of my fave book vloggers and share them to you guys!

A lot of you might know about Booktube and Booktubers, but to those who are not familiar with it please consult the equation below:

Bookish Discussions (Reviews, Recommendation, Bookish Fandom moments, etc) + Youtube = Booktube

There is actually a whole community on Youtube dedicated to discussing books and I just recently discovered this a few weeks ago. Honestly I was so overwhelmed with the number of Booktubers out there that I was apprehensive in finding anything about it. Thankfully I conquered my fear and I just delved in.

Here are my TOP 5 FAVORITE BOOKTUBERS (Click on their respective Youtube account names to check out their cool Youtube channels!):

1) Kat of Katytastic  

Kat is actually the very first Booktuber I discovered through my Camp NaNoWriMo participation a few weeks ago and I immediately liked her a lot. She is super bubbly, energetic and her insights regarding books and the publishing industry are golden! She is super inspiring and you could feel the passion just oozing off of her whenever she talks about the books she is reading. I am also quite envious of her book collection and that she has 400+ books!

2) Jesse of JesseTheReader

Okay so there are Youtubers that just stands out of the crowd because of their vibrant personalities and in the BookTubing community I believe that this guy, Jesse, is probably the most crazy, funny and awesome Youtube personality I had the pleasure of seeing. If you want someone that is loud, wise-cracking, hilarious and is totally in your face you will definitely love the videos of this guy. He is so cool and so himself that you will just feel inspired to let out your inner crazy and go wild with him.

3) Ariel of ArielBissett

There are certain people that naturally just burst optimism and general positive energy out of their pores that you just want to become fast friends with that person. I found that in Ariel Bissett. When Kat announced about an event called BookTube-A-Thon (it is a reading marathon that happened on July 15 to July 21, 2013) she mentioned her name. Ariel and a fellow Booktuber, Raeleen, created the event and I was curious as to what the hoopla is all about. When I watched her video I was really engrossed on how she was friendly and warm about it that I knew I would subscribe to her channel (which I did!).
4) Raeleen of PadfootAndProngs07
I stumbled upon her BookTube channel when I was watching Ariel’s BookTube-A-Thon video. I decided to watch her own BookTube-A-Thon video. When I pressed play I just instantly liked her. There are times that she acts so crazy that I think of her as the female counterpart of JesseTheReader and that just sealed the deal.
5) Sanne of BooksAndQuills
Sanne’s videos are really insightful and filled with her personality. Ariel and her really share the same qualities and her insights are so well thought out (and the fact that, to me, she kind of looks like Adele is a total bonus!).
Please do check out their channels and support the Book Lovers in Social Media.
What about you guys, do you have any favorite book vlogger/s or booktubers? Tell me more about it on the comments section!
Happy Reading,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Isabel says:

    Everyone in your list is awesome, I agree ! But I would also like to add 'priceiswong', 'Bookables' and 'LittleBookowl'. Please watch their videos, they're so funny and nice people 🙂


  2. KCPD says:

    Thank you for the recommendations Isabel. I actually started watching some of Bookables videos and it looks great so far. I already subscribed to her and now that you mentioned her my gut feel is now validated. I will definitely check LittleBookOwl and PriceisWong. 🙂


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