The 3 Reasons Why I Love To Write Fiction

Hello everyone! 

Before I go into the list I would like to announce that I, Kevin, finally won Camp NaNoWriMo!
I reached my word count goal of fifty thousand (50k) last night July 29, 2013 and I can now call myself a novelist! I will post about this some other time but for now I will be focusing on The 3 Reasons Why I Love To Write Fiction.
So let us dive right in: 
1) I Love To Read Fiction – This is probably the biggest thing that has pushed my passion of writing fiction. If you read my ABOUT page (click on the word to read my blog description), you will get a glimpse of how passionate I am about reading. However as I became older, I suddenly had this urge that I wanted to be more than just a reader. I do not want to be a mere spectator but a true player in the writing game, so I used my passion for reading as the driving force for my writing. 
2) Escapism – I am honestly not a keen fan of essays and/or non-fiction writing. I admit that I really struggle whenever I write blog posts and journal entries and I really do not know why. However in my experience in writing short stories and amateurish scripts I noticed that every time I do it, I was able to free myself from the confines of reality and just delve deeper into a world that I had total control in and I was really having fun.  It was like (and I am so sorry if I sound like a total Atheist or Pagan) I could play a god-like role while I craft fictional pieces of literature compared to documenting the plain vanilla world I truly live in (Do not get me wrong I love my reality and I would only change it for the better).

3) The Wonder of the Whole Process – Writing fiction is complicated and difficult, whoever says otherwise is either crazy or haughty. Trust me when I say that it is not a walk in the park. Thinking about things like how the characters would look like and how they would act; how will a certain event trigger the plot and the climax; how will you be able to describe the setting in a manner that would paint a vivid world for your reader and how will you end the story is not for the faint of heart. However I love the whole complicated process of this craft. I have never felt anything that resembles the feelings I get whenever I think about a character or about a plot. 
Photo Credit: AllWriteFictionAdvice
(click to know more about the fiction writing process)

I can now say that fiction writing is really something that I am passionate about and now that I shared these, you already know where this passion is stemming from.

Do you have any hobbies or activities that you feel passionate about? What are the reasons why you love it? Share it down below on the comments section.

Keep up your passion,


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