Beautiful Redemption (The Caster Chronicles #4) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl | Book Review

“Maybe there isn’t a meaning to life. Maybe there’s only a meaning to living.” 
― Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Beautiful Redemption

Thoughts in General:
Let me start of by saying that I am not the kind of person that gets really worked up with a sequel to a book. I am the kind of guy that reads a book, freak out for a few hours then I will tend to forget about it and move on to my next read. However that changed when I read the final pages of the third book in the Caster Chronicle Series Beautiful Chaos. Right of the bat I literally asked my mom if she could get me the final book in the series the next day. I was totally worked up about the ending of the third book that I needed, for the like of me, to read Beautiful Redemption ASAP. Thankfully she was able to buy the book and I plunged right into the story.
Thoughts in Details:
Beautiful Redemption picks up where the third book left off in which Ethan wakes up after jumping off the water tower and he ends up in his version of Heaven. Even though he knew that he was meant to die, Ethan could not help but feel the need to go back to Lena and to his loved ones lives again. Then a startling truth sends Ethan into a quest to get out of Heaven and to go back to the living. While Lena is trying everything she can to bring Ethan back even if it means trusting her enemies and risking her life and the lives of those who love her and Ethan.
The final book starts with a brief three page recap that is told from Lena’s POV and, oh man, it was shattering. If you felt a downpour of emotions in the final pages of the third book, the opening of this one is going to make you feel a hurricane plowing through your heart.
The characters were all still awesome. Link has really grown into his Incubus identity and he seems more of a hero here. Amma still tries to remain strong but you could actually see a crack in her stern façade and do not get me started on the two-timing witch Ridley (however she redeemed herself in the end). . Liv and John Breed’s relationship budding relationship was really sweet while Mason and Marian aids Lena in whatever way they can.
In this book we get to meet a lot of deceased characters that are mentioned in the previous books and they were all entertaining to read. First we finally get to meet Ethan’s mom and I have to say that she is pretty awesome. I love Ethan’s relationship with her and I could really see the impact she had with his life even in that short amount of time. We also get to meet The Greats (Amma’s ancestors) Ivy, Uncle Abner, Delilah and Sulla The Prophet. Twyla (Lena’s grandmother who died in the second book) was there with them which makes her one of the Greats. When Ethan described them I could not help but smile. They were just like regular people playing cards, having a good time in the afterlife. Obidias Trueblood (the snakelike creature who was murdered in the short story Dream Dark featured on the Paperback edition of Beautiful Chaos) has a big role in this book which I will not tell you about.
Then we have the chance of seeing the world in the eyes of Lena. Yes, as we all would expect from Lena, she is totally depressed here but compared to Beautiful Darkness she has more confidence and poise in this book. She really goes out her way just to help Ethan find his way back with the living.
The villains are still nefarious as ever.Abraham did not disappoint in this book and he proved to be a worthy foe however the way he died was a little bit comical. Sarafine also had a surprising and equally endearing role in this book. The additional villain Angelus (in my opinion) wasn’t that developed. Yes we do get a little back story but it felt like he was just added there to be another antagonist for Ethan to fight off.
The plot resembles more of an odyssey like epic which was such a cool thing for a final book. I have to say that the authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl really brought their A-game when they wrote this book. Everything from the depressing beginning, to the adventures of Ethan so that he could achieve his goal, to Lena and his friends fighting for his survival and the heart breaking twist at the end, everything did fall into place and I have to say that I was satisfied with the series finale.
The Caster Chronicles finale deserves a…

Thumbs Up! Though it isn’t the best book in the world I am really pleased with how the authors tied everything up! 
How about you guys? Have you read these books? What did you guys think about the whole Caster Chronicles Series? What book was your favorite and what was your least favorite?
Happy Reading,


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