Books, Autographs and Novelists: My Insider Take on the 34th Manila International Book Fair | Signed Adventure #2

Bibliophiles flock on over at the SMX Convention Center last September 11-15, 2013 for the much anticipated annual celebration of the Manila International Book Fair or MIBF. This year they’re celebrating their 34th year of uniting book enthusiasts all over the archipelago and yes yours truly scored an invite courtesy of Fully Booked. I will be taking you guys on a tour of my personal experiences in this year’s book fair. 

The moment I entered through the gates I had a mission that needed to be fulfilled no matter what happens and that is to score a spot to the limited Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson Noel and Margaret Stohl book signing event. National Bookstore has been known to bring successful authors here in the Philippines especially during this event. I have been stoked for this event ever since I found out last August and so when the date finally arrived all I could think about was “I am going to finally meet them!” I actually brought my copies of Blue Bloods, Witches of East End and Beautiful Creatures to get them signed.
As I arrived at the National Bookstore booth, I felt confident that I was the first one there but to my surprise…

Crazy right? 
The convention opens at 10 AM and I was there at 10:15 so I was really shocked to see the line that long. As my aunt and I waited for our turn to register, I decided to get a copy of Winds of Salem (the third book in The Beauchamp Family Series), Gates of Paradise (the final book in The Blue Bloods Series) by Melissa de la Cruz and also Fated (the first in The Soul Seekers Series) by Alyson Noel to get them signed as well after I found out that we could have six books autographed. 
I had the 64th slot in the registration which bummed me out for a second but it was overrun by joy. My aunt and I had lunch afterwards I went back to the convention. I visited the Fully Booked booth which was jam-packed with people. I couldn’t even move around freely and it was pure book madness. Everyone was scouring the shelves and hunting down books that were on display. It was oh so exhilarating! 

Then two hours before the book signing, I quickly head back to the National Bookstore space and I seized the chance to be the first one there, just to redeem myself. As I waited at their stage, Post-It and Scotch held a Giveaway contest with three (I am not exactly certain) challenges. I had fun watching the contestants trying their best to win and see them be creative and enjoy theselves.

Afterwards, Papa Jack (a local radio personality) began to sign copies of his book titled Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned from Papa Jack. I am honestly a seldom listener of his radio show but what I imagined him being in real life was validated. He was very funny, cracking jokes every few seconds, and really a charismatic guy. 
When the time came for the book signing, I was truly in pure fanboy mode. It got worse when I saw Margaret Stohl, Melissa de la Cruz and Alyson Noel waving at their fans as they were ushered into the signing area. Margaret Stohl even had a momentary photo op with her readers. She walked around the stage asking her fans to do a selfie shot with her and of course they all obliged. Sadly I wasn’t near enough to get the chance. 

The book signing officially began when the organizer called out the first batch of 20 readers to get their books signed. It took like half an hour or so before I finally had my turn and I couldn’t help but smile widely! 
The first author who signed my books was Melissa de la Cruz and four out of six of the books I had was written by her. Ms. Melissa and I talked about the upcoming TV show adaptation of Witches of East End and she says that it had always been a dream of hers to see her work adapted into TV or the big screen. She also asked me who my favorite Blue Bloods character and I told her that it was Schuyler and Mimi. She then wrote it on my Blue Bloods copy along with her signature. She was really nice, warm and totally friendly. Seeing her, made me feel more inspired about becoming a novelist as well as being proud of my heritage. 
This is the copy I mentioned above! 🙂

Next I had a moment with Alyson Noel who is the author of The Immortals Series and the Riley Bloom Books (for those who don’t know) to which I have not read. Fated is actually the first and only book I have of hers so I was a little bit embarrass of my lack of knowledge of her prior works but all of that melted away as soon as we started conversing. She noticed the towering books I was holding on my arms and she actually remarked that I was a huge reader. Of course, I proudly said YES. I was so caught up with her energy that I almost forgot to take a picture with her. So after she signed a book from another reader, I mustered the courage to go up to her and have my photo taken with her. She was so bubbly and fun! 
She stamped the red wolf mark on it and she told me that if I ever read the book I will get what it means. I am so excited to read it now! 🙂
I finally met Margaret Stohl the co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series. I was already in Cloud Nine after my encounter with the first two novelists and so I became giddier when I met her. Her quirky yet graceful demeanor caught not only my attention but my aunt’s as well (who was among the crowd of spectators). She signed my books and I told her that I am a huge fan of the whole Caster world. To my complete surprise, she told me that she and Kami Garcia (the other author of the series) just recently announced that they were writing a spin-off series called Dangerous Creatures and it will be featuring Ridley and Link as the two main characters! As soon as I heard this I was going bananas inside my head. I know she might have mentioned this to the other readers but I felt like I was getting an exclusive piece of information which somehow made me feel special (I am so delusional right?). 
I was so HAPPY when I saw the stamps of the Lunar Library and The Gatlin County Library! :))
So to say that my MIBF 2013 experience was awesome would be an understatement. I couldn’t begin to describe how happy and blessed I was during that day. Authors and novelists were like celebrities to me and seeing these three ladies was a dream come true. And the books I got was a huge BONUS!

So I hope you enjoyed reading my tales in MIBF 2013 and if you haven’t gone to MIBF and you’re a book lover, I am telling you right now you are totally missing out.

Did you get the chance to experience MIBF 2013? How was your experience? Did you meet the authors I mentioned? Did you buy loads of books? Please share your thoughts and comments below!

Happy Reading,


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  1. I really enjoyed reading through your post. Thank you for sharing your MIBF experience. It's as if I was there myself!


  2. KCPD says:

    Well thank you for commenting! I am glad that you enjoyed my post! I wish you have been there so we could bond or something! 🙂


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