The Harry Potter Challenge

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Harry Potter has already enchanted the lives of so many book lovers, book bloggers/vloggers alike. However, I am going to be totally honest with you. I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books except for The Sorcerer’s Stone and that was when I was just 9 or 10 years old.


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Shocker right? Or maybe I am just overreacting?
At the time I wasn’t totally enraptured by the power of reading. My mind was mostly preoccupied by cartoon television and video games. Yes I was a reader back then but I didn’t give it that much importance until I was in the 4th or 5th Grade where I began to discover my true passion for it.
When I was 9 years old and the film version of the first book was just released, I remember seeing this huge book in the bestseller’s section. I was really in awe at how cool and fancy the dust jacket was. My sister was interested in it as well so my mom decided to purchase it. Being young back then I didn’t give it much thought that the book we just bought was actually the second installment in the Harry Potter series. I didn’t know who or what was the plot of Harry Potter but I was so mesmerized by the cover I didn’t care. I ended up being confused about the story and I gave up reading it (even though I distinctly remember my sister demanding me to read it every night and she made me retell the things I just read, which I hated back then but now appreciated). I don’t remember much but I think we bought the first one after watching the film and I read the book. I wasn’t that engrossed in it and at the time I felt that it was becoming too “mainstream” which stopped me in pursuing the series.

Anyway, I have been thinking in the past few months about missing the opportunity of reading this series that I finally came to the conclusion that maybe it’s the right time. You know the adage, “Better late than never” well I am applying it to this. 

So in the month of October and in the season of the most witchy and magical holiday, Halloween, I am challenging myself to finish the whole Harry Potter series.
I can’t wait to immerse myself in J.K. Rowling’s fantastic world!
Are you a Harry Potter fan? What were the most memorable experiences you had with the series? Share your thoughts down below!
Happy Reading,


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  1. What is Patrick Star doing in the Harry Potter blog post? Anyways, go read it NOW! You're missing half of your life.


  2. Kevin says:

    Roch I just want to have a representation of SHOCKER and Patrick does his job well! Hehehehe… I really can't wait to start! 🙂


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