October Wrap-Up

Hey guys so it’s the end of the month once more and I am so happy that I’ve read five books in total!


At the start of the month, I told myself that I will be exploring the wonderful and fantastic Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I was planning on finishing the entire series within the month however various important activities took up most of my time. I am still proud of myself for finishing the first five books of this series and I am just two books away until I can properly call myself a POTTERHEAD.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first adventure of Harry Potter which is The Sorcerer’s Stone. I read this when I was 11 and I did not appreciate it as much as I do now. The plot is simple but the world and the whole magic system is so fun to read about.

The Chamber of Secrets had the most mystery of all Harry Potter books. There are elements in it that made the whole vibe of the book eerie and intriguing.

The Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite among all the Harry Potter books I finished. It was just filled with adventure and revelations that I found myself breezing through it. This is where I finally fell in love with Hermione Granger and I realize that Remus Lupin is probably the best Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher they ever had!

The action that is filled in the pages of The Goblet of Fire is so epic you will truly enjoy yourself while reading it (well at least I did). The tasks of the TriWizard Tournament were so intense and grueling I was really kept on the edge of my seat! The ending was both horrific and endearing!

Finally I finished The Order of the Phoenixbefore the end of the month. Honestly this book was such a drag! I began to dislike Harry in this book because of his teenage angst (I could relate to him because I undergone puberty as well but it still pissed me off). I really liked the new characters Tonks and Luna Lovegood and I despised the horrible Professor Umbridge (this woman is so insufferable I would gladly perform some Unforgiveable Curses on her). However I felt that the book dragged on for awhile and my interest slowly disappeared that’s why it took me two whole weeks just to get through this.

Now I am currently reading the sixth installment in this series which is The Half-Blood Prince and enjoying it. Hopefully I could finish it and The Deathly Hallows as soon as possible so that I could move on to some of the books I purchased but have not read.

Wish me luck!

How about you guys what did you read this October? Please share some of your recommendations and comments down below!

Happy Reading,

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