STBL: Christine May Riccio of PolandbananasBOOKS and Polandbananas20

In the middle of 2013 (maybe mid-July to early August), I recently found out the wonders of BOOKTUBE! I already tackled this topic on my very first (and not updated nor maintained) Tuesday List Day [put link here]. In that post I presented to you my top picks of Booktubers that you should check out. At that time I wasn’t aware of the existence of this posts’ topic until Raeleen from padfootandprongs07mentioned a girl named Christine (3:13 in the video) on one of her BookTubeAThon update.

If it wasn’t for this video, I would have never found out how cool and totally crazy Christine is! She is probably my favorite BookTuber! Her whacky sketches and funny commentaries makes me crave more. Her energy is insurmountable and her brash personality is really entertaining! But don’t let her silly and fiery personality fool you. Her POV on things are really interesting and it will make you think! I do encourage you all to check out her channels at:

Christine’s Youtube Channel

Here are my top five favorite Christine Riccio videos:
5) Book Hunting with XtineMay – This awesome Scavenger Hunt type video is really exciting and fun to watch! I really loved it when she posed alongside her bookshelf to match that Onyx book cover! So hilarious!!! [Warning: Books will be seen falling and getting themselves hurt].

4) Reading in the Shower video – She is actually the only person I know that could actually read while taking a shower. At first I thought she was pulling my leg but when I saw this instructional video, I was completely at awe! I will not try this because I am such a klutz and I know I will ruin my beloved tomes.

3) Book Lion video – Whenever people used to describe me as a book worm, I rarely gave much thought about it. I just shrug it off or take it as a compliment but after watching this video I was enlightened about the fact that the term itself sounds like an insult. Being compared to a worm isn’t really nice now does it?

2) Pronunciation Problem video – We all have encountered this and she presents it in a way that is just plain funny!  

1) Mourning Period video – This is probably the most relatable video I’ve watched of hers! Do you ever get the feeling that once you finished a book you can’t seem to get over the characters you’ve grown to love or the setting that you wished you’ve been in? It’s called the Mourning Period everybody and you should watch this!

See what I mean? Please do make sure to subscribe and like her videos!

Who are your favorite book blogger/vloggers? Tell me down below on the comments section!

Happy Watching,


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