Christmas Booktube-A-Thon

Last June, during my Youtube obsession phase, a reading marathon was created by two Booktubers, Ariel Bissett and Raeleen, which they called Booktube-A-Thon! The event took place last July 15 – July 21 and was a success! I did not take part in it and I honestly don’t know why. Anyway, earlier this week the Ariel Bissett announced that she is officially holding a Booktube-A-Thon this Christmas season! Here is her announcement video:
This event will start on December 20 until December 22! Ariel and a slew of Booktubers will also be holding reading sprints to fully motivate readers to fly through the pages of the books they are reading. It will be held on the events Twitter page (click the annotated word).
Since I missed the last Booktube-A-Thon, I am not going to pass up this opportunity and I would like to share to you guys what my TBR list for this reading marathon is…

I am only planning on reading three books because I am a horridly slow reader! I am not even going to promise you that I will be finishing these but I will challenge myself to read faster and hopefully get it done!

I am currently reading this book, however it is taking me forever to plough through it! That’s why I am vowing myself to finish this by the end of Saturday!

This is actually my first ever Holly Black book and I heard that this series is great! I bought this like three months ago and I haven’t even started it yet so I am excited for that.

A chance encounter of this book in a second-hand bookstore led me to purchase it! This is the sequel to the mentioned novel above! Excitement doubled!
That pretty much sums up my whole Christmas Booktube-A-Thon reading list! I am going to try my hardest to finish all the books I mentioned and prove to myself I could read quickly. Self-motivation to the nth degree! 
Are you interested in participating? What are the books you’re planning to read this Christmas break? Tell me down on the comments section!

Happy Reading, 


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