STBL: Fritzie Bacolod (Graphic Artist/Illustrator)

So I will be venturing out of my usual bookish geekdom because I want to give credit where it is due. Recently I made some small changes in my reviews format. If you guys have been paying attention to the RATINGS section of the posts, a cute chibi versions of me (which is totally far from what I am in reality BTW) are the one who are giving out the necessary Thumbs and Hand related actions. A new friend of mine designed these cool caricatures and I want to thank her for capturing my vision by featuring her here on my blog!   

During my short period of being a Management Trainee in a shoe shop, I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented and fellow creative by the name of Fritzie Bacolod. Fun, witty and sometimes an introvert, Fritzie shares the same passion I have for the arts. Now she wants to take her endeavor to a whole new level and she recently released an online portfolio(to see her work click on the annotation) that exhibits her talents and skills as an illustrator and graphic artist. Her artwork is really awesome (I am not biased, I do give out criticisms to my friends and they know that I don’t sugar coat things), so check her webpage out!
Here are my favorite artworks of hers:
(c) Fritzie Bacolod

1) Dream – I really like the whole whimsical theme of this piece! It sends out the powerful message that you have to reach for your dreams because it won’t come to you if you don’t try. The whole cartoonish vibe of the art makes it appealing to me!

(c) Fritzie Bacolod

2) Pondering Moments – This one is visually fantastic! It is all about how college life shaped her and what she’s going to miss in that particular chapter in her life (which I can relate as well). Again the colors are all warm and very comforting and it makes a really great piece of art.

(c) Fritzie Bacolod
3) Shower of Thoughts – This is probably the most thought provoking piece that I saw from her. The theme is really powerful and can resonate to a lot of people. I personally have felt my self-esteem sink low because I allow myself to bathe in negative thinking.
A budding artist that to look out for, I know that Fritzie star is going to shine bright! For inquiries about her art please do visit her personal portfolio!
What did you guys think of her art? Tell me all about it on the comments section below!
Happy Reading,


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