Gayle Forman Manila Book Signing Event | Signed Adventure #3

January 18, 2014 might have been just be an ordinary day for most of you guys but to a select few (including me) that day was already predestined to become totally epic because an international bestselling author by the name of Gayle Forman came to National Bookstore or NBS Glorietta for a book signing event! For those of you who are not in the know, Gayle Forman is the author of If I Stay (which is a winner of various literary awards like the ALA/YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers in the year 2010) and Just One Day (which is the only book of hers that I have read).
I came to the registration booth expecting to see a fair amount of people. I thought that it was going to be like the book signing events on MIBF. However I was really surprised at the turn out for this book signing event. I was so shocked to see tons of people at NBS Glorietta waiting for the book signing event to start. I heard from someone that a lot of these people came to the mall as early as 8 o’clock AM (malls in the Philippines normally opens at 10 o’clock AM)!

I was even more stupefied by the number I got once I registered at 2 PM for the 4 PM signing.

432nd! Yup you are seeing that right! Until now I still couldn’t fathom the number of people that came for this event. After digesting this particular epiphany, I sat on the floor (the chairs didn’t suffice the number of people) and just waited for the “show” to start.

The time finally came and we were all so thrilled to see the woman of the hour. The event began and my first impression of her was “She is so damn cool!”. She had aura of a rockstar and an enthusiasm that was really contagious. Gayle Forman was then interviewed by Xandra Ramos-Padilla and though the sound system sounded muffled (which was really sad because I didn’t understand some of the things the author said) I did learn a few things about her like…

a) Gayle Forman used to write under the pen name Chloe Walsh (the author of The Interns duology).
b) She never intended to become a writer but that was a choice that made her one.
c) One of the characters of If I Stay named Adam was actually inspired by her husband. She was supposed to name that character Nick after him but changed her mind.
d) Willem, the male lead of Just One Year and Just One Day, was actually inspired by a Dutch guy who apparently broke her heart during her early travelling days. Through this character Gayle finally exacted revenge on that guy.
e) She was really hands on the movie adaptation of her book If I Stay and she actually cried over the screenplay for the movie (which was ironic because she didn’t even cry while reading her own novel).

I had a blast just listening to her joke around, sing and her bubbly personality won me over. Then the time finally came for us to get our books signed. It took 4 hours (yes you are seeing that right) for me to finally get my books signed (which was completely insane) but I am really happy that I pursued it.
Gayle Forman and I all smiles for the camera! 
The two books I got signed and a free All. The. Feels. bookmark!

To say that this book signing was a blockbuster is a total understatement! Thanks National Bookstore for bringing in fantastic authors like Gayle Forman in Manila! I am so excited for other upcoming book signing events!

Did you guys managed to get to this event? How was your experience? Are you guys excited for the upcoming book signing events in store? Tell me all your feels down on the comments section.

Happy Reading,


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