Interim Goddess of Love (Interim Goddess of Love #1) by Mina V. Esguerra | Book Review

Plot in a Nutshell:
When you’re offered to become the goddess of love, how can you refuse?
When Hannah is asked to take the place of the goddess of love, she agrees because it was assigned to her by the love of her life-who just so happens to be the very gorgeous sun god. Though she does have a knack for listening to other people’s heartaches, she’s totally new at it and can’t understand how she can help bring love into people’s lives when she can’t even get one particular boy to pay attention to her. Will Hannah ever survive this goddess gig? Or will she end up heartbroken as well?
-Synopsis (from Goodreads)
Thoughts in General:
Interim Goddess of Love is such a pleasant surprise! Truthfully I did not expect to have the reactions I had while reading this charming little book. The characters were all interesting and fun to read about, the plot is really simple yet it still resonates with me and I am so happy that I got to read a book set in my native country which is in the Philippines (I could actually relate to all the stuff they were doing or the things the author referenced about). I am really glad that I started off my Valentine’s week with this book because it actually made me gushy inside (not manly at all, I know).
Thoughts in Details (May Contain Spoilers):
Hannah Maquiling is the goddess of love (interim) and our lead heroine. I really liked her characterization. She is so kind and caring though at times she is overly committed to her job. The thing that kind of bothered me with her character is that she was totally cool with the idea of being the goddess of love, as in too cool. She didn’t even freak out when she learned that the Tagalog deities were actually real and that threw me off the story for a while. However I managed to wrap my head around it and just went with  the flow.  
Joaquin “Quin” Apolinario is the hot guy character, that is actually the mystical sun god who introduced Hannah to their magical existence. He is reserved, stoic at times and he felt like the typical brooding sort. He is so strict and formal about things and I got the feeling that there is something beneath the surface.
Then there’s Diego Simon, the very temperamental god of the sea who is always brawling with people. He is the complete opposite of Quin! He is brash, straight-forward and a total rule breaker. I imagine this guy as the bullying type which kind made me iffy about him but eventually he grew on me.
Vida Castillo is the most popular girl in Ford River College and the queen bee. She also happens to be the sly goddess of the moon. She is hell-bent to stop Hannah’s growth as the goddess of love. I really like how she is characterized in this book. She’s very subtle yet endearing to me and I liked that.
Kathy Martin is Hannah’s first “goddess project”. She is pretty, rich yet she has insecurities as well. I like how nice and humble she is and that she doesn’t even know her own beauty!
Other characters include Soledad “Sol” Delloro our protagonists BFF, she is funny and a great side character. Robbie Carlos is the mortal friend of Quin and Diego. He is a really sweet guy and I really ship Hannah and him.
The book’s central setting is Ford River College, a fictional campus located in the outskirts of Metro Manila (I got the vibe that it is a hybrid of UP and Ateneo). I am so happy that I could finally relate to the culture of the characters that I am reading. The author crafted a story that really did incorporate certain Filipino culture (like the characters eating turon and green mangoes with shrimp paste or bagoong as we natively called it). Mina V. Esguerra captured Manila and the Philippines beautifully.
Told from a First Person POV, the plot of the whole book is really simple but the way the author executed the humor, mythology and romance in the story made this book quite unique. It is Hannah’s coming-of-age tale as she takes the role of the love goddess and how she handles everything is presented in a fun and quirky manner.
Interim Goddess of Love deserves a…
Thumbs Up! I am surprised on how much I really liked this book!
Have you read Interim Goddess of Love? What are your thoughts about it? Please do share your comments down below!

Happy Reading, 


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