Vianne Rocher Inspired Chocolate Mendiants Recipe

“… I prepare a batch of mendiants – thus named because they were sold by beggars and gypsies years ago – in the kitchen. These are my own favorites – biscuit-sized discs of dark, milk, or white chocolate upon which have been scattered lemon-rind, almond, and plump Malaga raisins.” – Joanne Harris, page 36 of Chocolat 

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I would like to share with you guys one of my favorite sweet recipe which is Chocolate Mendiants. Inspired by Vianne Rocher’s (the lead in Joanne Harris’ delectable novel Chocolat) favorite chocolate treat, try this quick and really simple concoction and treat yourself and your love ones on this “Hearty” Holiday.

What you’ll need:


-7 oz. (200g) of dark, milk or white chocolate chips or discs (you could also use chocolate bars but you need to finely chop it for easier cooking)
-Various nuts (i.e. peanuts, cashews, almonds etc.)
-Dried candied fruits(i.e. raisins, lemon-rind etc.)

Double Boiler (or simply place a heat-resistant bowl on top of a pot with boiling water)
-Parchment Paper or Wax Paper 
-Baking pan or cooling rack

Cooking Procedure:
1) Melt the chocolate on a double boiler and consistently stir the chocolate until it becomes smooth and glossy (this is when you’ll know that it’s done).

2) Take your baking pan or cooling rack and spread a sheet of parchment or wax paper over it.

3) Then take a spoonful of melted chocolate and place it on the paper, spreading it until it becomes a cookie-like disc (the thicker the better). This recipe yields around 50 mendiants.

4) Top the chocolate discs with some nuts and dried fruits while it is still warm.

5) Leave them to cool and set completely (if you want the chocolates to be chilled place them on the refrigerator).

6) When it is already hard, carefully take it out from the paper and it is ready to be served. (Store these on a cool area)

So that’s it! Pretty simple am I right? Wow your special someones with this homemade treat!

Please do share your thoughts by commenting down below! 

Happy Cooking,


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