Percy Jackson Series New Cover Art

Last Sunday, I heard from Tiernan (The Booktuber) that the whole PJatO series was going to have a make-over I was excited. I became a fan of the series ever since the movie came out in 2010 (I watched the movie first before I read the novels).

The Percy Jackson Facebook page revealed the brand new covers on a daily basis which started on February 17, 2014 until February 21, 2014.  Here are the new and EPIC cover arts created by John Rocco (who also did the first cover art for this series)…

1) The Lightning Thief
Original Cover Art
New Cover Art
2) The Sea of Monsters
3) The Titan’s Curse

4) The Battle of The Labyrinth

5) The Last Olympian

If you put them side-by-side the effect is this awesome mural! 

Look at the SPINES! (Photo Credit: Rick Riordan’s Instagram page)

According to the Examiner, the books with the brand new covers will be released in America by June or July of this year (there is still time left to save up some cash, people)!

What do you guys think of the brand new cover art? Are you guys itching to get your hands on these beauties? Please do share your thoughts by commenting down below!

Happy Reading,


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