Slumping Around: My Ramblings on Reading Slumps

Ready to Ramble is a blog feature here on Tomebound
where I will discuss or, to be more accurate, ramble on about a wide array of topics. 
Have you experienced a sudden downturn in your reading mood? 
You know that time when you try to focus your mind on the task but you are just not in the condition to scan a page filled with letters, words, sentences and paragraphs. Then your mind slowly wanders to the possibilities of other activities such as watching TV or Youtube videos, browse all the social media websites you are part in or better yet start experiencing real life (like that’s going to happen LOL). Have you guys encountered this scenario, because I have (or am because presently I’m stuck in a reading slump). 
Currently I am not in my optimum state of reading and I do feel guilty about it. I know that I have tons of free time on my hands right now and I placed this pressure on myself that I should be taking that time and do some heavy reading however I am just not in the mood for it and a nasty cycle of self-deprecation ensues. 
In the past I didn’t have a care in the world as to how many books I have read in a month or if I even read a book in the whole year. Ever since I began book blogging and started to participate in the book blog and Booktube communities, I suddenly had this urge to be more aggressive and meticulous in my reading.  This is such a double edged sword because I do appreciate and adore the progress I am making with my reading habit and this wonderful and engaging community I am part of however, at the same time, I feel like I am so cooped up in this world that I’m starting to miss things from my past life (i.e. my carefree attitude towards reading a certain amount of books, having the luxury to just lay in bed and take a nap). I feel like I need to jump on these bookish bandwagons so that I could be in sync with the trend but the nasty outcome of it is that I am not that excited to read.
This is where the simplest solution comes in… 
Take a reading break.
I shouldn’t be such a pessimist because no one is forcing me to finish books immediately aside from myself. If I go on and push myself to read books in this state I might not like the outcome. I’m going to be more positive and I should (and will) take short breaks from reading now-and-then. I would rather read books fresh out of a break with a relaxed and enthusiastic mind rather than continuing on in a stressed and uninterested reading situation. 
Overdoing something is not a healthy thing to do no matter how we think that something is good for us. I do believe that moderation is key.
Have you ever experienced a reading slump? How did you cope up with it? Please share your opinions by commenting below. I would like to know your methods in handling reading slumps and I would gladly take some advice.
Happy Reading,


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  1. Samantha says:

    Ugh! I am in a reading slump right now. So…right now my method in handling it is…not reading. I keep walking over to my bookshelf to see if maybe a book in a different genre (than the 3 books I'm actually in the middle of reading) but nothing is grabbing me and I'm just not feelin' it.

    And, to your point, I'm the only one who thinks I should be reading. I set the challenges for myself. This happened last year, actually, and I took a three month break from reading (and didn't complete my 2013 challenge).

    You've done a great big chunk of your Goodreads challenge, so I think a reading break would definitely be in order!


  2. Kevin says:

    Yes definitely my mind needs a refresher! Hehehe… I guess the notion of pressuring oneself to read is really common to a lot of book bloggers and whether we like it or not it is just there.

    Thank you very much for commenting! 😀


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