#VTRinPH: Veronica Rossi, Tahereh Mafi & Ransom Riggs 2014 Manila Book Signing Recap | Signed Adventure #4

April 26, 2014 for some people might have been a completely relaxing Saturday that was complemented with lounging around the house, doing a bit of Internet Surfing or just taking a long overdue nap. However on that date yours truly actually witnessed something totally EPIC. As I am typing this write-up right now I still couldn’t help but smile.

Why am I so happy?
Because I finally met up with three Young Adult New York Times Bestselling authors by the name of Veronica Rossi (Under The Never Sky), Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me) and Ransom Riggs (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children). If you have been following my blog posts, you guys know how stoked I was when I heard that these authors were coming in the Philippines way back in January.
I came at the mall at around 9 o’clock in the morning (having learned from my mistake during the Gayle Forman Book Signing Event) and I actually expected that a lot of people might already be in line. However I did not expect this amount of people!

I was freaking out in my head when I saw the sea of faces, falling in line for the book signing. Seriously my heart was racing and I just couldn’t fathom the reality of the situation. My aunt (God bless her) and I stood in line for an hour before I finally got my hands on a book signing pass.

The shock I got when I saw the number written on that little thing was reminiscent of what I experienced during the said Gayle Forman Signing. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, considering that I changed tactics this time. Eventually I just swallowed the stress that was churning inside of me and I decided to just have fun.
After eating some early lunch, I suggested to my aunt that we should roam around the mall and eventually we went our separate ways. Being a shameless bookaholic, I went in on almost every bookstore in the area looking for titles that piqued my interest. As I was entering Powerbooks Greenbelt, I saw a press-con type of setup and that was when I remembered about the Blogger Forums that my favorite Philippine Young Adult Book Bloggers were always present at.
I became so giddy when I saw the people I have been following on various social networking sites were right in front of me. This is where my introvert and totally shy personality entered the scene. I didn’t have the courage to come up to them and say “Hi!” which I regret tremendously. There I sat at a corner and watched them from a distance (in a totally not creepy manner). I am only a hobbyist lit blogger and I am not yet as established as these people so I could only watch the spectacle from afar.
Kai of Amaterasu Reads, Hazel of Stay Bookish, Sab of Sab The Book Eater, Kate of The Bookaholic Blurbs were just a few of the bloggers I saw during the forum.

Suddenly the three authors I have been waiting for finally came. There weren’t a lot of people there (which was such a treat) and I got to see them discussing certain topics without having my foot squished or my back pushed by some random stranger (true story). The bloggers asked tons of great questions and I was really fortunate to take an extremely subtle part in it.

As the forum ended I decided to go back and wait for the real public event. After a few hours or so the authors took center stage at Glorietta’s Activity Center wherein they were greeted with ear-splitting screams and whoops. The essential interview commenced and I learned quite a lot from them.

The massive crowd at the Book Signing Event! Over 2,000 people attended and most of them got their books signed.
Veronica, Tahereh and Ransom having a photo opp behind the huge crowd!
(Sorry for the crappy shot! I didn’t have an ideal view, obviously)
The authors answering some questions!

Here are some of those tidbits:

  • Veronica Rossi is currently writing a new Young Adult book series that she compared to The Avengers (Whoa! Excitement all over!)
  • Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi’s romance started when Kami Garcia (co-author of Beautiful Creatures) introduced them to each other. Ever since their first meeting they became good friends and eventually their relationship blossomed into something more (cue in the awwww…).
  • Ransom and Tahereh were actually writing partners and they are very enthusiastic with each other’s works.
  • Veronica’s husband was actually her first reader. She also said that her husband is actually a beautiful writer and she thinks that he is a better writer than her.
  • Tahereh and Veronica’s books are currently being optioned for a big screen adaptation. Ransom’s book is actually being adapted by, wait for it, TIM BURTON (director of The Nightmare Before Christmas and the live-action adaptation of Alice in Wonderland). They are about to shoot in August and are still on the process of casting.
  • Veronica doesn’t have any dream cast for her characters. She believes that a very talented actor, whoever he/she is, will bring life to the words she has written and that is what really matters to her.
  • Tahereh agrees with Veronica. She also added that she doesn’t like to name drop actors because some people might get upset with her choices. Although, she said that Colton Haynes would make a good Adam (which resulted in a lot of fangirl screams).
  • What does it take to be a YA author?
    • Ransom said that you have to be able to access the experiences you had when you were a teenager.
    • Tahereh said that it takes a lot of hardwork and perseverance. You have to find a day job to be able to finance the dream.
    • Veronica said do NOT patronize teenagers. Do not sugarcoat the reality of that age. Honesty in portraying the teen years is really important.
  • How do you come up with story ideas? (not the exact wording of the question):
    • Ransom said that ever since he was a kid he has been living in an imaginary world of his making. He says that there are certain questions he had in mind and he tries to answer those questions by writing.
    • Tahereh said that she is very dependent on the characters when writing her books. As she discovers her characters and how she develops them everything else falls into place.
    • Veronica said that writing really legitimized her being a daydreamer. She writes the stories that she wants to read. She also loves a really good epic. A good balance of action, romance, rich characters and complex relationships is important in her books.  
Afterwards the numbers were then called and I waited for my turn which eventually rolled in after an hour and a half.

I also gave out some hand drawn bookmarks (which I made myself, so forgive me if it looks really amateur) to the three authors as a little token of my appreciation! 

National Bookstore threw another mega hit book signing event. To say that it was successful is a total understatement! Thank you very much for bringing these fantastic authors in the country.
Also I would like to thank Veronica Rossi, Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs for being super friendly and for signing my books (which I will treasure forever). You guys are awesome!
Vlog Post of this Event:

Did you guys go to this event? What were your experiences? Please share your thoughts and blog posts (if any) by commenting down below! I can’t wait to read them!
Happy Reading,

P.S. You guys better stay tuned for National Bookstores next line up of book signing event. I hear that in June a PRETTY exciting author is coming to town (if you get what I’m saying).  

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  1. Jesselle says:

    This is a great recap post! Glad you had a great time at the signing! 🙂


  2. Kevin says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog! Did you got a chance to attend the book signing? 😀


  3. That's really cool how you got to meet them! That's so cute how you made bookmarks for them. I'm sure it made them really happy 😀 My family and I are planning to visit the PH in 2016 (I know, such a looong wait) but hopefully there's a book signing when I go there. Happy reading!


  4. You're so lucky to meet them! I haven't read their books yet but I've always wanted to. And when I finish reading their books I think I'll regret not meeting them for all eternity T_T haha. I wonder who's gonna visit us next? 🙂


  5. Kevin says:

    Do you already know where in the Philippines? Hopefully there will be a signing at that time and we could meet up! 😀

    Thank you very much! I do hope that they even got the chance to read it! Have a great day ahead! 🙂


  6. Kevin says:

    I know how you feel (I experienced the same feelings when Becca Fitzpatrick came last month)! Hopefully they'll come back in the near future so that you could get your books signed!

    You better stay tuned for National Bookstores announcement!


  7. Alex says:

    I love the bookmarks you made! So artistic!!


  8. Kevin says:

    THANK YOU!!! I am so happy you think so! 😀


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