A and D by Louisse Carreon (or fallenbabybubu on Wattpad) | Book Review

Title: A and D
Author: Louisse Carreon (a.k.a fallenbabybubu)
Publication:  First Printing December 2013 by Pop Fiction
Format: Paperback, 251 pages
Source: Personal Purchase from National Bookstore

Plot in a Nutshell:
Everyone at school thinks that Dakota Evans and Aaron Ford shouldn’t be friends.


Because Dakota is a huge nerd, and Aaron is… well, not.

He’s only the most popular guy in school (and a jock to boot!), and dating the most popular girl, head cheerleader Annabelle Lacy (but, of course).

They’re not supposed to be friends. But they are.
And Dakota isn’t supposed to be in love with her best friend.
But she is.

“I don’t just love him. I’m in love with him,” she whispers to herself one night.

Will Dakota opt to remain friends with Aaron? Or will she give up their friendship and finally confess her love to him instead?

Synopsis from Goodreads

Thoughts in General:

Honestly I did not expect a lot from this book at all but the impact it had on me was really surprising. I really enjoyed myself whilst reading A and D although the plot and characters were predictable. I guess the familiarity of the story was such a comfort for me that I just whizzed through this book. Yes, there were some minuscule grammatical errors (more on the punctuation) but the way it was written was quite remarkable. I can definitely say that I am kind of envious of the talent of Louisse Carreon in writing. The book was written in a really simple manner that justified the story she told. 
Thoughts in Detail:
The cast of characters this book had was, to me at least, reminiscent of High School Musical. Don’t ask me why but that’s the vibe that I got as I read this book.
The book is told from the First Person POV of the protagonists Aaron Ford and Dakota Evans.
Aaron Ford can be described as the quintessential popular jock archetype. He is the captain of the basketball team and everybody seems to see him as this High School hero thus he is extremely popular in school (ala Troy Bolton). I liked him and his traits although there were times I wanted to punch him on the face so that he could have a wake-up call much sooner. He also has a best friend and that is our second protagonist Dakota Evans. 
Dakota, on the other hand, is the nerd of the school. Totally unpopular yet incredibly witty and sassy. She was probably my favorite character in the book. I got to see the complexity in her characterization. She is smart, headstrong yet she is also vulnerable and insecure. Like Aaron, I had moments I wanted to shake her vigorously just to make her understand certain things.
As you guys might have guessed already, given that the synopsis itself let the cat out of the bag, Dakota is irrevocably in love with Aaron. The thing is, Aaron only sees Dakota as his sisterly best friend. He acts totally protective of her and he is totally oblivious regarding his best friend’s emotions towards him which sort of annoyed me. I get that’s the whole point of the story and it does happen in real life so I let it pass. 
Then we have the side characters. Ethan and Luke, Aaron’s Best Buds were really comical at times and I saw that they were really good friends. Allyson, Dakota’s other BFF, was also sassy and a really caring friend as well. 
Then we have the adversary. Annabelle Lacy, you might have guessed already, was such a two-dimensional character. I felt that her character development was really abrupt.

All-in-all I felt that the ensemble of characters worked well together and they were the one who made the book totally enjoyable to read.  

The book was set in New York City and I didn’t feel the authenticity of it. Even though I haven’t been to NYC I just felt that the book lacked descriptions that could have made me believe the setting. However it did not defer me to the story and it didn’t totally bothered me that much. (UPDATE: I am so sorry but the setting was actually in New Jersey. Thank you for the author for pointing it out.)  
This book was extremely cliche but oddly enough I didn’t mind it at all. It was light, fun and there were moments that made me giddy and happy. Although there was this one twist that just caught me off guard and I kind of questioned the purpose of that twist (honestly I felt that it wasn’t necessary at all). The ease and simplicity of reading this book was really comforting and that added to its charm.
I give A and D a… 
Thumbs Up!
I will definitely pick up more Pop Fiction books because of this!
Have you guys read A and D? What did you guys think of it? Please share your thoughts by commenting down below.

Happy Reading, 


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