How A Book Is Made: Writing The Story

So a few weeks ago I featured a set of videos I stumbled upon Youtube about How A Book Is Made. So for this week I just want to share the second episode which is mainly about the Writing Process of an author (in this instance it is Lauren Oliver).

This is probably my favorite in this video series because it gives us a sneak peek of what Lauren Oliver’s writing process is. The number one thing that really stuck to my head is the importance of consistency and writing a certain amount of words in a day. This reminds me of NaNoWriMo and I can finally see that it is vital to stick to a habitual writing process. 
I am really amazed at how Lauren Oliver was able to write on her Blackberry. I don’t know why but personally my imagination is kind of tied with my computer (I know that sounds so bad). Learning about her versatility inspires me to go out of my comfort zone and try other methods of writing.  
Lastly, the thing she mentioned about sharing your works with other people struck me because I am hesitant in showing my written works to others except for one dear friend of mine. I do agree that when you share your work with others one can be obsessing over certain things just to make those people happy which shouldn’t be the case. 

What did you guys think of Lauren Oliver’s writing process? Did you get inspired while watching this video? Please don’t hesitate to comment down below and share your opinions!

Happy Reading,

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