Multi-Reading: On Reading Multiple Books At The Same Time

Are you guys the type of people that could easily read a multitude of different books at the same time?
Do you guys prefer reading just one book and savor it?
Honestly I am the latter kind of reader. I am a one-book-at-a-time kind of guy. I remember this one time when I tried to read different books at the same time and it ended up with me not finishing both of the books and losing interest. I am just curious as to how some people could achieve the multi-reading feat.
Since my participation in the book blog and booktube community, I suddenly noticed an influx of readers that are so adept in multi-reading. Upon further involvement I do feel envious of their magical talents. 

The problem I have with reading a ton of books at the same time is that my focus is scattered and the immersive feeling of the book seems to disappear. The flow of the story sometimes gets lost and I can’t seem to find it again. Simultaneously reading two different stories also confuses me and the power of the author’s words and intentions doesn’t stick to my consciousness. In my own reading experience, I just enjoy the book more if I focused on it wholeheartedly.
I greatly admire people with the capability of multi-reading and I want to be able to do this as well, however I am in no hurry to develop this skill. As of now I am just fascinated with this skill.
How do you guys perceive this topic? Are you a multi-reader? How do you manage to do it? Please share your comments, ideas and tips down below!

Happy Reading,


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