Way before I started book blogging, my passion for reading was already prominent however, I wasn’t that picky when I buy books. I didn’t care whether a book was a hardback or a paperback, I just wanted to buy and devour it (and since paperbacks were cheaper I usually preferred that). I also restrain myself for buying too many books at once. Then I suddenly felt that a lot has changed since I started Tomebound and called myself a book blogger, almost two years ago. 
Now, I consider myself not only a mere reader but a bookaholic as well.

The signs I saw that verified it were:

  • I became choosy when it came to the books I buy, judging it not only by its content but the cover as well.
  • I am no longer satisfied to settle with an “International” paperback edition of a book. The need to buy the expensive hardback edition suddenly became a thing for me. “It will look nicer on my bookshelves” was my mantra, nowadays.
  • I am starting to buy hardback editions of books I already own in paperback, just because I wanted to (even if my budget doesn’t allow it, I make it happen).
  • I also noticed that my To Be Read pile was growing fast.
  • I mostly think and fantasize about the books I want to buy and how I can budget my money so that I could make it happen. Book buying just gives me this rush that makes everything feel wonderful.
  • Seeing the book hauls of bloggers and Booktubers just makes me so giddy and excited that I actually do Epic Read’s “book shimmy” (I am incredibly weird, deal with it!).
Me whenever I see a book I’ve seen on book blogs or Booktube vids! 
Being a bookaholic can be a double edged sword. Yes, I am proud to say that I love to buy and collect books but, at the same time, sometimes it doesn’t justify some of my spending choices. I feel as if those people (who are not bibliophiles) around me think that I am just wasting my money on impractical things. I hate it but it does resonate with me and I just couldn’t easily brush it off. There are times that I do wonder if what they were saying was actually true. I know some of you, my fellow book nuts, can relate to this.
I admit that I am addicted to books and book buying which does concern me a little bit. However, this is the thing that makes me really happy (at least I am not into drugs or alcohol, right?). Call me nuts, privileged or whatever else you could think of but it is who I am. 
Every bibliophile when book shopping! Am I right?
How about you guys? Do you consider yourself as a bookaholic? Do not hesitate to share your opinions by commenting down below.
Happy Reading,


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