How A Book Is Made: Editing The Book

To continue with the inconsistent Writing Affair post I have featured here (I am so sorry for that), let us see how a novel is edited…

The job of an editor seems so complex compared to my initial reaction to the job. I’ve always thought that they only read and edit the manuscripts but apparently they have a larger role. They are like the main people who can make-or-break an author’s dreams. I find the fact that they are the middlemen between the author and the publishing company, quite exhilarating.  
I always thought the editors read the manuscripts in their offices, but that is not the case (maybe some editors do it, who knows). It seems to be a very demanding job. 
I like how Rosemary Brosnan explains her editing process which I (and my fellow writers, out there) can utilize. To be completely honest, I am not the biggest fan of editing and revisions. I don’t know where and how to start it, but thankfully she explains that you have to look at the bigger picture first and then work on the smaller details. Keep in mind the pacing, characters and plot of the book before going into the technicalities of phrasing, grammar and spelling. 
I quite enjoyed this because it sort of demystified the formal editing process of a novel. 
What did you guys learn from this? Did you find it fascinating? Please share your comments down below! 

Happy Reading, 

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