Top Ten Things I Loathe and Love on a Book Cover

Book covers can make or break a book and if you are like me, who totally judges a book by its cover, that sentiment is completely valid. The Top Ten Tuesday theme of the week is all about the business. Here are the things I loathe/love about book covers (sorry for the horrible photos, not my finest work):

[Disclaimer: I have not read all of the books I featured here. This is purely aesthetics! Also, these are only my opinions and I respect whoever you are, if you like these covers. These are just my thoughts.]


1) Shirtless Dudes Covers…

I don’t like these because they make the books cheap and also it makes me self conscious about my own body (yes, guys have physical issues too).

2) The Epic Fancy Girl on a Ballgown Covers…

A really awkward cover for guys to read in public. Some of these doesn’t even make any sense. *coughs Shatter Me‘s original cover*

3) TV/Movie-Tie In Covers…

I am not the biggest fans of TV/movie-tie in covers because most of them are kinda cheesy. I do have some personal exceptions to this (i.e. Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Academy and If I Stay).

4) Boring Covers…

This is prevalent in the Non-Fiction/How-To genre. Covers like these just pisses me off because it doesn’t even have any sense of creativity to it.

5) A Person’s Face Covers…

These are just ugh


1) Illustrated Covers

I am a HUGE fan of books involving illustrations of any sorts. I particularly am fond of quirky caricatures and epic artwork, like those above. 

2) Artsy Photo Cover

I am a sucker of beautiful photography and edited photos, so when I see covers like the ones above, I just want them. 

3) Simply Sophisticated Covers…

I really love covers that are sort of minimalist but done in a tasteful way. 

4) Interesting Typography Covers…

Books that feature wonderful typography makes me so happy! 

5) Close Up of Objects Covers…

This is a really tricky cover but if it is done right, like the ones above, I am satisfied with it.    
There you have my Top Ten Loathed and Loved Book Cover styles. 
What’s on your Top Ten List this Tuesday?

Happy Reading,

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Candy K says:

    Love this, I really hate those boring covers too… yeah and It will be super weird for a guy to read those books with girls in fancy dresses, I actually pretty respect those boys who read those books in public haha


  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks Candy! 😀


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