#StephaniePerkinsInPH: Stephanie Perkins 2014 Manila Book Signing Recap + Highlights | Signed Adventure # 6

(NOTE: You can skip ahead to the “bullet-ed” sentences for Stephanie’s interview answers and factoids.)

July 6, 2014 (NBS Glorietta) – The night before the event I tweeted…

So when Jezelle (one of my closest friends in college) and I got to the event, that was exactly what I witnessed! Pure and utter craziness! I couldn’t believe how many people were already in line! I didn’t got the chance to take a pic of the line because I was too stunned to do it. Anyway, after 2 hours or so the line finally began to move and the registration finally started. 
I am incredibly thankful for Laira (the girl I met during the Jenny Han event) because she was really kind enough to save me a spot! This girl should be given a golden medal for her dedication because she fell in line at around 2 AM that day! I wasn’t expecting her to do that at all, but shockingly enough she did it! *everybody, give her a round of applause*

The stage is all set up!
After registering our books, Jezelle, Laira, and I decided to just chill at the nearest coffee/donut shop. When the mall finally opened, we just roamed around and talked, which was such a treat! I used to go to these kind of events and I normally put on my loner hat. Having people you could actually talk to and laugh with, just made the entire experience worthwhile. 
Afterwards, Laira and I took our seat while Jezelle decided to roam around the bookstore. We took our seat and that was when I met some more awesome fellow book nerds!  
From left to right: Ayis, Glenice, and Charisse wearing their custom made AATFK inspired shirts (VERY COOL!).
From left to right: Joanna, Ayis, Laira, and I.
The event finally started and lemme tell you, the crowd was just INSANE!

Madness at the event!
At the Jenny Han event, I admit that there were loads of people present, but they were composed and polite. However, at this event people just when totally crazily ballistic! Chaos erupted and even the NBS personnel couldn’t handle the situation. I don’t want this post to turn into a rant or anything, so I’ll just leave at that.

Even though I finally had the opportunity to be able to seat down on one of the chairs, the crowd was so thick that I didn’t got the chance to see Stephanie make her grand entrance or to actually see her talk to the emcees of the event during the interview. 

Thankfully, I have long arms so I recorded most of their interview and here are some of the details (the video I took of the whole interview got corrupted, so here’s what I only remembered):
  • Fate played an integral part in her novels. She said that the concept felt really romantic to her, that is why she incorporated it in her novels. 
  • Stephanie met her husband, Jarrod Perkins, when she was 17 years old through the internet. 4 1/2 months later, Jarrod took her to her senior prom. She proudly said that both of them wore the same shoes during the prom (can you see where she got her inspiration for some of the scenes in Lola and the Boy Next Door). Stephanie wore the exact same shoes during her wedding. 
  • She’s currently writing a horror novel and she was inspired by one of her favorite author’s, Stephen King. 
  • Aside from characters, Stephanie loves to write about setting. 
  • On her books:
    • She explained the overall themes of her books. She said that Anna’s story focused more on bravery. This actually paralleled her own life, as she was starting her career in writing. 
    • Lola’s story dealt with the notion of individuality. She was actually not that confident as Lola when she was at that age, but she slowly evolved into the kind of person who embraces her uniqueness.
    • Isla’s story is truly about happily ever afters. The book strongly pit the characters into a whirlwind of scenarios that involves them getting their happy ending then it gets snatched away, and finally getting it back.  
  • Writing tips and advice (this is not a word per word transcript of what she said):
    • Always keep reading and study the books you are devouring. Carefully read the book and find out why a certain scene evoked a certain emotion (whether it was positive or negative) inside of you. Reread that part and figure out how the author managed to do it.
    • Even if you haven’t been in the setting of the book you want to write or currently writing, continue writing it anyway. Just do your research. Stephanie actually didn’t got the chance to go to Paris while she was writing the book. She relied on her awesome librarian researching skills to write the setting.
The seven earliest of birds got some incredible swag. They were given ARCs of Isla and the Happily Ever After. I would be lying if I say that I am not envious, but they truly deserved it. The first one in line was at the mall at 1 PM the day before the event! Jerzon was his name and he was so nice and really funny. He even recognized me from my Booktube channel, which was just surreal! I didn’t have a picture of him because I was not the best blogger that day.

The early birds and their ARCs! Jerzon is the guy wearing the yellow shirt! 

Our turn finally came and I was so excited to have a short interaction with Stephanie Perkins. I gave her one of my personalized bookmarks (it’s becoming a thing of mine) and I am happy that she liked it. 

The said bookmark. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but I am happy that Stephanie appreciated it!

Jarrod Perkins, Stephanie’s husband, was signing books at the event as well.

Jarrod Perkins raising his hands up to avoid accidentally hurting his many admirers.
The crazy line at Jarrod’s signing “booth.” Let’s just say it was disorganized…

I fell in line for his signing and the girl next to me asked me a question about who was signing at that particular line. I answered her and we just started talking, which was so new to me because of my social anxiety issues! I am so proud of myself at that moment because I just came out of my shell and talked to someone I didn’t even know. Her name was Patricia and she was a Booktuber enthusiast as well!

While I was still on the line, book bloggers who were still around the area actually chatted up with me. They were nice enough to give me some cool swag!

Algel of Tea-rrific Reads!
From left to right: Dianne of Oops! I Read a Book Again, Kayla of The Bookish Owl, and Sab of Sab The Book Eater!
Swagging it up y’all! *God I’m so weird!*

After a while, the line to Jarrod’s signing just went haywire. Me, Laira and the rest of our new bookish crew decided to just bail because we were all so tired and we just wanted to go home. Even though I didn’t get my book signed by Jarrod, I am still happy to have made a new acquaintance and to have met some cool bloggers.

Our group shot before we parted ways! 

That’s it! These are my experiences during the whole Stephanie Perkins event! I hope you guys had fun reading about it (I understand if you were bored out of your mind, I couldn’t blame you)!

Some messages I want to share:

Stephanie Perkins you are truly an inspiration! You’re writing journey and your books became a beacon of hope for me and I am truly appreciative of that! I really do hope you’ll come back again soon!

A big round of applause to the ever fabulous National Bookstore for bringing her here in the Philippines. You guys are just rock stars!  

And a BIG THANK YOU to Jez and Laira! You guys are the BEST!

Jez and I after the event! We deserved that pizza! Hehehe…

Were you present at Stephanie Perkins’ book signing? Were you able to get your books signed? What were your experiences during the event? Link your blog post or just tell me by commenting down below!

Happy Reading,

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  1. elie_3173 says:

    Wow! Your recap is so nice! I love it! Awesome pictures you've got in there. 😀


  2. Kevin says:

    Thank you very much! I am so glad you didn't get bored by the details! Hehehehe…

    Also, thank you for appreciating the photos! 😀


  3. Stephanie says:

    Looks like amazing fun! I love all the picks. I just met SP at a book conference. What a doll!
    -Flirting with Fiction


  4. Gail Aranas says:

    So jealous that you got to go. Thanks for writing this! I was wondering what it was like!


  5. Kevin says:

    I know! She was so nice and very enthusiastic! And she looked awesome! 😀


  6. Kevin says:

    I am so happy you liked this post! 😀


  7. See you in Alex London event haaaa? 😀 Kahit sa taguig pa yun! :p

    I'm waiting for my crown haaa? 😀


  8. Kevin says:

    Hopefully pero hindi pa ako 100% sure. Pupunta din kasi si Marie Lu and I want the hardcover boxed set ng books nya. Ipon-ipon din pag may time! Hahaha…

    Sana hindi maging venue ang SM Aura for future signings! Okay na ako sa Glorietta! Hehehehe…


  9. I saw you at the event. I was just too shy to approach you. Haha! Jerzon is my friend also. 🙂


  10. Kevin says:

    Really?! Wow! I wish we could have chatted up! Next time though! 😀


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