*kicks open a metaphorical door*
Hey guys! 
Do you have any plans this August? 
Have you hoarded loads of action novels that you don’t have any idea when you’ll start reading them?
Why don’t you join me on a month filled with adrenaline pumping novels that will surely free your inner warrior/rebel? 
Welcome to…
I already announced this on my Instagram page and I just want to formally open it on my blog as well. Here’s a little back story on how I came up with the idea. Basically, I realized that I was reading too many fluffy contemporary books. Seriously, almost half of my read books are YA romance. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed most of them, but I feel like I need something action-y and, truthfully, more masculine books to read. That is why I came up with this idea a few months ago and now it is coming true. 
There are no rules for this themed reading month. Just read an action book and use the hashtag #ActionAugustReads if you are participating. I would love to have some of you guys join in on the fun! 
Here’s my official announcement video:
Kick your TBRs ass this month and join the revolution (over-exaggeration much?)!
Happy Reading,

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