Goodbye Blogging?

It has come down to this…
So if you noticed, I haven’t been in the best book blogging behavior for quite some time. I have reviewed less books, posted less write-ups and basically the only consistent thing on this blog is my Wishlist Wednesday posts. It is sad to admit, but I am seriously on the verge of quitting book blogging. The main reasons are…
1) Guilt trip…
Over the past few weeks, I have seriously been guilt tripping myself for not writing enough content for my blog and as usual I let this nagging and annoying feeling consume me. Instead of doing something I really wanted to do (i.e. watch a movie), a voice inside my head would scream “YOU SHOULD BE READING!” or “YOU NEED TO WRITE YOUR REVIEW FOR (INSERT BOOK HERE)” and then I end up doing none of those things.  It’s a horrible and vicious cycle that needs to stop.
2) Fiction writing interrupted…
I started this blog because I wanted to practice my writing skills and express my love for books. However, in the very fiber of my being, becoming a professional novelist has always been my dream. Lately, I honestly haven’t done anything to pursue it. In relation to the first reason, instead of working on my stories I have constantly told myself that blogging must be my priority. I dunno why, but this is true. 
3) Reading is becoming less fun…
Yes, you read that right. I am not, by any means, a legit book blogger that does blog tours and receives loads of ARCs. I am just a hobbyist that do (or rather did) this for fun. I know it’s weird to say this reason because I have no legitimate obligation to review books. However, I can’t shake off the feeling that I am disappointing a lot of people if I do not post a review every time I finish a novel. 
I used to read for the sake of reading, not for the sake of putting my thoughts about a book on my blog. I have made reading an obligation instead of a luxury, which is totally not okay. I want to win back those moments of reading for pleasure and bliss. Those moments of purely being enthusiastic with a novel, without the looming dark cloud of book blogging responsibilities floating above me. I just want to be a normal reader once more. 
With all those things aired out, you might be wondering…
Are you quitting book blogging?
The answer to this is…
So why did I write this overly dramatic and totally misleading article? I just want to air out some of the feelings I have towards my own blogging experience and to announce that I will no longer feel obligated to blog consistently. 
I am now going to be an official sporadic blogger. Goodbye to schedules, commitments, and guilt trips! Say hello to…
I will only post when I want to (which could mean days, weeks or months of intervals) and what I want to write. Also, my book reviews won’t be as detailed anymore…
I have invested so much time and effort on this blog that quitting is no longer an option. 
That’s basically it. This is more of a letter to my neurotic Negative-Nelly self. 
My only advice to myself (and for those of you who needs it): Blog only for FUN! 
Have you guys felt the same way? How did you overcome it? Please do share your thoughts and opinions about it. I would really love to read your take on this. 

Happy Reading!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh my! You almost had me on that one! XD I did have sort of the same experience…or the complete opposite lol. I thought that I should stop blogging since I was neglecting it too much and that no one visits my blog anyway. What made me bounce back was my cheesy dream of having an ultra-famous blog that everyone reads. But along the way I realized that I shouldn't blog for fame. Rather it was about just having fun but at the same time serving your readers that are rooting for you, too. I'm happy for this new way of yours and kudos to you and Tomebound! 🙂


  2. Kevin says:

    Hahaha… I am so sorry if I made you worry!

    I've totally been there! I know the feeling that no one was paying attention to what I was saying, all too well. Like, all of the efforts I put in my reviews and posts were not acknowledged. I also wanted to be ultra famous (I think every blogger wants that, even if they deny it).

    Also, I honestly went through a phase that I wanted to blog only to become part of the PH YA Book Bloggers (bloggers who gets the chance to attend NBS' Blogger Forums whenever authors visit the country). However, I sacrificed my happiness in my craft and that made me give up those silly dreams and just relish what I have. I honestly feel more happy and content without the chains!

    Also, thank you very much for your support! It really does mean a lot! 😀


  3. Yani Egama says:

    “I used to read for the sake of reading, not for the sake of putting my thoughts about a book on my blog. I have made reading an obligation instead of a luxury, which is totally not okay.”

    I know how you feel! I felt all of it like I just want to quit but it's not a good option. I do not post a lot of reviews. I sign up to book blitz, etc. just to keep my blog up. But we decided the same. Oh man, I just love it when I read this post. 🙂


  4. Kevin says:

    I am so glad you liked this post!

    I think not taking blogging too seriously will certainly help! Yay for sporadic bloggers! 😀


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