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Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige has been on my wishlist since the day it came out. The plot sounds really epic (Dorothy being an evil dictator of Oz? Whoa!) and the cover is stunning. I remember patiently waiting for a hardback edition to come in my local bookstore because the naked book featured this gorgeous foiled imprint which mirrors the cover image of Dorothy in red.

However, when I encountered an un-haul video from one of my favorite booktubers and saw that she was un-hauling this very book, I was quite stunned because I distinctly remember her raving about the novel. Then she gave her reason and I somewhat understood why she was giving away her copy and discontinuing reading the series.  
The booktuber said that the author, Danielle Paige, actually supported Kathleen Hale’s heinous and disturbing act of stalking a book blogger because of a negative review. I know that the drama has sparked a lot of intrigue in the months that the article was first published, and truthfully I sided with the people that were flabbergasted with what Kathleen Hale had done (which is why I am not even considering reading her novel).

However, seeing the tweet Danielle wrote and knowing that she supported Kathleen’s actions really muddled my urge to buy and read Dorothy Must Die. Should I buy her books, even though I don’t condone her reasons of supporting Kathleen Hale? 

Should I separate the art from the artist?
Even as I’m writing this post I am still undecided with this dilemma. There’s a part of me that says yes to buying Dorothy Must Die, but the thing with the tweet is stopping me because I don’t want to support someone who thinks that stalking a book blogger is appropriate.

I know that I am being judgmental, but I couldn’t help myself from hesitating to pick this book up. I am perfectly aware that everyone has their own opinion about certain things and people have the right to contradict or accept others’ point of view.

Having written that, I’m slowly forming the resolve to give the novel a chance. It would not be fair to judge the book just because I didn’t agree with the author’s opinion on a controversial subject matter. Maybe this time, I’ll put my prejudice aside and read the book as is.

Focus on the art not on the artist.

Have you experienced something similar? What are your own opinions regarding the topic? Should the art and the artist be separated? 


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  1. Yani Egama says:

    As other book bloggers rule, or shall I say most of us book bloggers: We only judge the book itself. Not the author.

    We review the book, not the author. The author just write her/his imaginations into a book and we judge how it was delivered to us.

    I guess you should read Dorothy Must Die. (I have also been dying to buy that.) To entertain yourself. But if you still have the doubt bc of the support of DMD's author to Kath, I think you should toss a coin and whichever side wins is your decision then.

    Just an opinion. It's still your decision at the end. Great post, Kev! Glad I visited your blog and have read this.

    Yani @


  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks Yani for your input! I agree that we book bloggers should review the book and not the author. I am now more decided to buy DOROTHY MUST DIE because the plot just intrigues me very much and I hope that it does deliver.



  3. Stay Bookish says:

    This is actually a dilemma I've struggled with as well. Although I'm not set out to read either books of the authors you mentioned, I was super excited to read Amy Spalding's Kissing Ted Callahan awhile back. Unfortunately, since the Goodreads bingo drama, there have been so many bad reviews about it and I can't distinguish if these reviews were judging the author or the book and they're making me doubt whether I want to get a copy of the book or not.

    I really wish people would judge a book solely on the writing and not the writer but I do get that sometimes, your opinion on the book gets muddled because you already have a disagreeing mind set to whatever the writer is try to convey when you read the story. It's all very complicated.

    Very thought-provoking post, Kev! Hope to see more of this!


  4. Kevin says:

    IT IS VERY COMPLICATED and it is not something one could easily solve.

    I am so glad you liked the post. I have some more topics in mind, but I won't be able to write them due to my Camp Nanowrimo participation.

    P.S.I am not aware of the Goodreads bingo drama (could you enlighten me regarding the matter?).


  5. Inah P. says:

    I'm having the same dilemma as you, but I guess I'm pretty much leaning into checking them out despite the author's support for KH. I haven't read anything from Danielle Paige so I really don't know what to expect though.

    Great post, Kevin! 🙂


  6. Kevin says:

    Thank you very much Inah!

    Have you avoided a book or an author because of is controversy?


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