Gossip Girl Book Tag | Original

Hey people!

Four fanatics of the TV series Gossip Girl came together to create a fun character-based book tag for you all to read/watch/join! The fabulous Upper-East-Sider wannabee creators of the tag are S (Salve of Cuckoo for Books), J (JM of Book Freak Revelations), M (Miel of Bookish and Awesome), and K (yours truly). Wanna know how it works? Then watch this post by K
That’s it… So if you wanna play tag here are the questions you need to answer…

1) Serena van der Woodsen – the IT book of YA
2) Blair Waldorf – a book/character you love to hate
3) Nate Archibald – book eye candy
4) Chuck Bass – a roller coaster ride of a book
5) Dan Humphrey – a book that you think deserves more love than it gets
6) Jenny Humphrey – a character that had a drastic transformation, for better or worse
7) Rufus and Lily – *watch the video to know*
8) Vanessa Abrams – a book that doesn’t have a long lasting impression on you
9) Dorotha – you favorite sidekick character
10) Ivy Dickens – a book you always mistake for something else (either with another book or the cover deceived you in some way)
11) Lola Rhodes – a book/character you really wanted to like more than you actually do
12) Georgina Sparks – A villain that’s killing it with villain-y
13) Prince Louis – A-Prince-Charming-Turned-A-Plus-Jerk

Hope you’ll have fun my dears… You know you love me… XOXO…
*channeling my inner Gossip Girl was fun*


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