Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians #1) by Kevin Kwan | Book Review

Title: Crazy Rich Asians
Author/s: Kevin Kwan
Publication: Published May 20th 2014 by Anchor (first published January 1st 2013)
Format: Paperback, 527 pages
Source: Personal Purchase
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Plot in a Nutshell:

When New Yorker Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home and quality time with the man she hopes to marry. But Nick has failed to give his girlfriend a few key details. One, that his childhood home looks like a palace; two, that he grew up riding in more private planes than cars; and three, that he just happens to be the country’s most eligible bachelor. 

On Nick’s arm, Rachel may as well have a target on her back the second she steps off the plane, and soon, her relaxed vacation turns into an obstacle course of old money, new money, nosy relatives, and scheming social climbers.

Thoughts in General:

I am completely obsessed with Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan at the moment! Goodness this book is incredibly addictive and the storyline is just outrageously fun! It is a diamond-encrusted tour in the lifestyle of the immaculately rich, high society of Asia. 
Beginning with the cover of the paperback edition of this novel (which I highly prefer than the original cover), you’ll immediately get the sense of the opulence this novel has. 

The illustration of the woman (whom I suspect is Astrid Leong) with her diamond earring with that humongous sapphire in the center, chic sunglasses and pearls around her neck, perfectly captured the tone and glamour of the central theme of the book, which is money.
Crazy Rich Asians’ fabulous and over-the-top story captivated me so much that I had a really hard time putting it down. I found that the intertwining lives of the characters within the world was enlightening and highly entertaining. I initially thought that the book was going to be purely superficial, and yes 90% of the content is just that, but I still found some unexpected emotional depth that rippled through some of the major characters and it went right through me.    

The fascinating cast of characters were overwhelming when I started the book. I got confused at certain parts and it took a few more chapters before I got a handle of the names and their roles. I highly suggest you study the family tree presented in the beginning diligently (to avoid such confusion). Once I got used to its rhythm, I found most of Kevin Kwan’s characters endearing. Rachel and Nick’s relationship was the heart of the book and the intrigue and scandal this brought upon the Singaporean nobility sets the ball rolling. 
I really enjoyed Rachel Chu’s down-to-earth personality and it was exciting to see certain things from her perspective. Nick was also a fun character to read about and I couldn’t help but agree that he is reminiscent of a Prince Charming archetype. There came a point in the novel that made me annoyed with Nick, but eventually he did redeemed himself. 
Astrid (Nick’s cousin) and, her husband, Michael’s relationship really caught my attention. Even though the plot of this one has been done before, I still felt the rawness and authenticity it brought to me as a reader. 
Eleanor and her bible crew were comedic and oddly charming! They’re sort of like those crazed suspicious mother figures that would go snoop around to prove something to their children, which I found both aggravating and hilarious. Even though Eleanor acted like this, there were still moments I felt sad for her. The rest of the vibrant characters within Crazy Rich Asians were also quirky and just insane! This character-driven tome was just sinfully addictive!

Kevin Kwan’s writing was really reminiscent of Jane Austen’s Third Person Omniscient style. I am not used to reading books that are written in this way because I normally found it confusing, but Kevin Kwan expertly hit this style on the head! The dialogue flowed seamlessly and I found the informational footnotes regarding the jargon used throughout the book helpful and a treat to read. 
Gushing about Crazy Rich Asians is all I’ve been doing in the past weeks! It is the book that finally kicked the butt of the reading slump I’ve had since the beginning of the year! 

A fun, frivolous and highly intoxicating book! If you are a fan of Gossip Girl and Beverly Hills 90210 then this book is made for you!

Have you read Crazy Rich Asians? What are your own opinions regarding the book? Did you love or hate it? Don’t forget to comment your opinions down below!


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