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Crazy Rich Asians has plagued my mind ever since it was released in 2013. I was truly intrigued by the Gossip Girl vibe it had (you all know that I am a huge fan of the TV show and was a former fan of the books) and the author’s glitzy insider take on Asia’s high society! However, I couldn’t fit it in my reading list because of other signings I decided to prioritize. 

When Fully Booked announced that they were inviting Kevin Kwan (the author of the said novel) in the country, I just knew it was the perfect time to finally read the book, which was one of the best decisions I made (Wanna know why? Read my review of the first book!).

Since Fully Booked hosted the book signing, the options of signing venues were either their Bonifacio Global City branch(August 15, 2015 Saturday) or their Alabang Town Center branch (August 16, 2015 Sunday). I was only available on Sundays (due to my work schedule *ugh*) so I had no choice but to attend the ATC leg of the tour (which I am also happy with because I was nearer there).

I got to the venue 30 minutes before the store’s opening and I was a little bit taken aback by the amount of people that were present. It was just a small crowd and I was actually relieved. I do love a calm and quaint signing (having fallen in chaotic lines, I have to say it was refreshing).
I also got to chat with Gavin (@silvermagic162), who is a bookish acquaintance I made through another bookish friend we shared, which was surprising because I knew he lived in the northern Manila area. I was so glad to have seen a familiar face at the event and I got to know him a lot better (we are both PLL fanatics and we both have some opinions to share regarding the shocking mid-season finale). Then we talked about books (as usual) and I was really impressed with his passion for signed novels (Gavin if you’re reading this post, you’re the man!). It sucks that I totally forgot to take a picture with him and his friend Roderick (next time for sure!).
My aunt (who is my constant and, just, amazing companion in book signings) and I lunched (or “brunched” to be more accurate) at Fully Booked’s very own Press Cafe coffee shop. I’ve always wanted to dine here and for some weird reason I just don’t, so naturally I suggested the place to my aunt and she obliged.

We both ordered some fantastic grub and I just want to share them with you guys. I can’t remember the exact names of the dishes, but man-oh-man they were great!

The Press Brewed Iced Tea was really refreshing and fresh!
The pesto sauce in this was on point!
Afterwards we roamed the mall for an hour or so and we eventually came back to the venue before the event. My aunt and I ordered an amazing snack from the same cafe (it’s safe to say that I was addicted!).

Then with a stroke of luck, we were seated beside Kevin Kwan himself (alongside his publicists and two Fully Booked representatives)! I tried my hardest to appear nonchalant, which I hoped was effective. 
I can already tell from the get-go that Kevin Kwan was the embodiment of his books. He was incredibly witty and charmingly sophisticated. I was lucky enough to have recorded the majority of the Q&A portion, which you can view here: 
It was exhilarating to have started the Q&A and I was extremely satisfied with his answer.

A candid shot of me asking a question.
Photo Credit: Fully Booked

Doing my Booktube duties!
Photo Credit: Fully Booked

After the Q&A, the book signing session began!

Since I share the same first name as the author, Kevin ingeniously used this to his advantage! On my copy of China Rich Girlfriend, he drew an arrow and it pointed to his own name after he wrote the word “For.”

Then I asked him to write down a quote from Crazy Rich Asians (a quote that truly spoke to me on a deep level) on the said book and he kindly did it. 

He was so into his thing that I was too shy to make small talk, which was fine because I knew that whatever I thought of in the moment would only embarrass me in the end (I suck at makeshift conversations).

That about wraps up my whole Kevin Kwan in ATC experience! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! 
I want to say thank you to Mr. Kevin Kwan for writing such a highly entertaining book! CRAZY RICH ASIANS finally unleashed me out of my rut! THANK YOU!

I am also highly grateful to Fully Booked for organizing such a fun and systematic event! Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to your next book signings. 

Also, thank you to Gavin, Roderick and, of course, my ever-loving and ever-supportive aunt for making the experience awesome! 
Have you read any of his novels? Did you got the chance to meet Kevin Kwan too? How was your experience? Feel free to comment or share your post down below!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gavin Chua says:

    Thank you Kevin! 😀 I and Roderick will be attending Meg's and Matthew's book signing so hopefully we could hang out and take a photo.


  2. Kevin says:

    I'll be attending a seminar on the 30th! See you guys there!!! 😀


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