#KCinPH: Kiera Cass Philippine Book Signing Tour Recap

In real life, I have a really close friend who loves The Selection series by Kiera Cass and she wouldn’t stop recommending it to me, so when the opportunity of meeting the lady behind the books surfaced I finally decided to jump on it and I am so thankful that I did.


Kiera Cass was filled with enthusiasm and general bubbliness throughout this portion and it was infectious! This was the very first time I asked a question in the forum and my hands were shaking after, which made it difficult for filming. Hopefully the footage wasn’t completely horrendous.
Meeting Kiera Cass

It’s now time for #ClassicKevinAnecdotes! 
Today’s topic involved around Kiera Cass’ involvement in Epic Reads videos. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but I am a really huge fan of Epic Reads‘ Youtube channel and Kiera Cass appeared in their channel numerous times. 
So it was only natural for me to ask what it was like to be in their channel and she said that it was such a fun experience. She even told me that the “salad throw” part during the Epic Author Facts video she did was completely her own idea. I remembered it and I told her that it was awesome and adorable. 

I dunno what we were talking about here, but this moment was so precious! Kiera looked like she was captivated by what I was saying. 
Photo Credit: National Bookstore

Thank you very much Kiera Cass for spending some time with us and for visiting the Philippines for the second time around! You are such a fabulous and inspiring lady! 

I am also so incredibly grateful for National Bookstore for constantly hosting fun author signings. You guys are truly doing a great service to the Filipino bookish community and I am truly excited for the upcoming events under your sleeves! 

Lastly, I want to say thank you to my good friend IRL Rochelle and my fellow bloggers for berating me to get The Selection series! I am now even more stoked to read it! 
How was your #KCinPH experience? Feel free to tell me all about it down below! 


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