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What a way to start a blog post am I right? Sorry if you found my excitement over meeting New York Times Bestselling author of the Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series SARAH J. MAAS too enthusiastic, but c’mon it’s SARAH (FREAKING) J. MAAS! I have every right to be this hyper and overly excited.
Honestly this woman is a royalty in YA Fantasy and she’s one of my personal writing idols, which is why I couldn’t help fanboying during the entire time she was within my reach!
(Calm down Kevin. You are turning into a creepy stalkerish fan! Stop it!)
Anyway, here’s my experience during this very special Signed Adventure

Pre-Signing Sitch:
In all honesty, this particular signing event seemed so different because every blogger in the room was so excited and really enthusiastic! I’ve been to a couple of signings already with them and I think this is the very first time that we were all collectively antsy to finally meet this spectacular human being! Every conversation we’ve had were tinged with anticipation and filled with passion over her books which was exhilarating.

Photo Credit: Kate of The Bookaholic Blurbs
Sarah J. Maas was so chatty and I loved every single moment of it. Her honesty and enthusiasm with her answers just made her even more real and down-to-earth.
I particularly love her “discovery” story and how a well-known author named Mandy Hubbard helped her out with the publication of Throne of Glass. It was the kindness in Mandy’s action that truly wow-ed me and I hope that Sarah will be able to help out other upcoming authors get there books traditionally published as well (hopefully that’ll be me, but heck my WIP is still under a strange and unreachable basement in my head and I think it’ll never see the light of day).

Also she loved witches enough that she even became a wannabe Wiccan (like yours truly). Hehehehe…

Book Signing:

It’s another round of “What did Kevin say to an Author Now?” and goodness I have one heck of a tale for you guys today (this is pretty much subjective and if you don’t find this entertaining then I don’t know what will).

Let me just defend myself for saying that I was intoxicated with so much happiness at the time, which was why I blabbed on and on about Wicca, and how I related to her own experiences with the religion, to a point that I was incoherent. However, being an awesome and professional author, Sarah handled my craziness with class and grace.

Sarah listening to me while I was just running my mouth continuously at her.

If you think that was bad, then strap yourself up for more awkwardness that’s coming. You see, I’ve heard from the others that Sarah was actually a hugger and they were so happy that they got the chance to have that kind of moment with her. So after getting our picture taken (BTW, thank you very much Sir JB! You’re the best!), I hugged her immediately and I think she wasn’t expecting it. To make the situation even more cringe-worthy, I acknowledged the weirdness by saying out loud…


The Awkward Hug Moment!
*facepalm self to the nth degree*
So kids take it from me, fanboying/girling will compel you to do unthinkable things!
Then we also got a chance to meet Sarah’s husband, Josh (a.k.a #PapaMaas). This dude is freaking awesome! He was so nice and accommodating that some of the bloggers grabbed the chance to take a picture with him.

Kate (The Bookaholic Blurbs) and Josh Maas!

Sab (Sab the Book Eater) and Josh Maas!

Louisse (The Soul Sisters) and Josh Maas!
Also present at the event was Kate Evangelista (author of Till Death, No Love Allowed etc) and she was able to have a heart-to-heart moment with Sarah, which was so sweet.

Photo Credit: Jesselle of The Lifelong Bookworm
My signed books and some swag! 
Even though I had some social hiccups, the event was still surreal and 100% amazing! Even now as I type these words, I still can’t get over the fact that I met Sarah J. Maas and I was able to hug and talk to her. She’s such an inspiration to me and I hope that someday she’ll come back here in the Philippines. Thank you very much National Bookstore and Bloomsbury UK for bring Sarah here in the country!

Were you able to attend and meet Sarah J. Maas? What was your experience like? Please comment down below!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. foxingpages says:

    IM CRYING I ENVY YOU SO MUCH!! 😦 she didn't come to my country, i doubt she ever will 😦


  2. Kevin says:

    I really hope that she will because she's so awesome! Try petitioning in one of your local bookstore chains to have her come to your country! Who knows maybe it'll work! 🙂


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