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May 29, 2016 – I had the privilege of meeting Jennifer Niven, who is the author of the best-selling YA novel All The Bright Places! I did enjoy the said book and I’ve been following her through social media. I’ve always gotten the impression that she’s an incredible human being and I am now happy to validate that claim.

Pre-Signing Sitch:

It had been a month since the last time I saw these wonderful bloggers, so you could say I was totally happy to chat and bond with them before the signing. I was happy to finally meet Jasmine Pearl of Jasmine Pearl Reads in person. We’ve been talking through Twitter and Instagram for years now and it was such a treat to finally have a conversation with her in real life. P.S. she’s amazing, go checkout her blog like now!

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Candid shot of Hazel of Stay Bookish, JM of Book Freak RevelationsLyra of Defiantly Deviant, Salve of Cuckoo for Books, and Jasmine of Jasmine Pearl Reads

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Guys, her message to her fans was spectacular and her passion for her readers is totally admirable. I honestly had the urge to hug her then and there, but I didn’t want to be creepy.

Let’s begin the Kevin’s Anecdotes early shall we? During the Q&A, I was standing near the speakers so that my video could have a decent sound quality. So when I asked my question, the speakers had a technical malfunction and emanated a loud feedback.

That wasn’t the embarrassing part though. My question contained the word “shed” in it and when the speaker acted up it actually sounded like “sh*t.” Thank goodness I was able to brush it off easily or I would’ve been mortified to continue on with the question.

Meeting Jennifer Niven:

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When it was my turn to get my books signed, I was actually “slightly” at a loss for words so I turned to my default question.

“How’s your stay in the Philippines?”

She told me that Cebu was lovely and the weather was perfect. She also enjoyed eating Philippine mangoes and bico (a local kakanin or rice-based sweet snack popular here in the country).

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I also got to show her the custom iPhone design I painted and my heart sang when she told me that it was beautiful. Then she signed it (YAY!) and also took a picture of it, which was surreal!

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Shortly after we got our samplers for Holding Up The Universe (which is her upcoming book slated to come out on October 4, 2016), my friends were a little bit shy to ask Jennifer to sign it so I volunteered to do the favor.

While she was signing the samplers, Jennifer and I chatted about All The Bright Places’ cover and I gushed about its simple design. I also told her that I was an adamant user of Post-Its and I appreciated its clever use on the cover, which she was happy to hear.

Then I mentioned how pretty the cover of her new book was and we both agreed that it was minimalistic yet engaging and it didn’t giveaway anything of the plot, which adds that element of mystery. However, she told me that it actually has a significance in the story and I am very curious to find out what that is.

I also got to write in her special copy of All The Bright Places!

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Jennifer and Jasmine all smiles for the camera!
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Jesselle of The Lifelong Bookworm having her moment with Jennifer! They’ve been friends for some time and they finally met in real life. (Cameo: Kate of The Bookaholic Blurbs)

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Jennifer Niven’s undying love for her readers was inspiring and if I were given a chance to become an author, I would certainly love to be just as passionate as her.

Thank you very much National Bookstore for hosting another incredible bookish event! You guys are amazing!

Don’t hesitate to share your own experience from the Jennifer Niven event down below!



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  1. Joey Reyes says:

    Gahhh, I wish we had met! Also, that phone case looks LOVELY! Is that a DIY?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tomebound says:

      THANK YOU! It is! 😀


  2. Awww – it was lovely meeting you, too! You don’t know how much I had fun last Sunday. *cries* Hope to see you again soon! <33

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tomebound says:

      Me too! This will not be the last of our encounter! Hehehehe… See you soon! 😀


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