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Last July 3, 2016 I had the pleasure of meeting, not just one, but two bestselling authors which are Amy Zhang (author of Falling Into Place and This is Where the World Ends) and Andrea Portes (author of Anatomy of a Misfit and The Fall of Butterflies)! I’ve got to be totally frank, I haven’t read any of their books but after the event I was convinced that I need to fix this ASAP!

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I actually asked the question regarding the “writer’s block” situation because I am currently in a writing crisis and I just wanted to know how I could get out of it. I totally get Amy and Andrea’s descriptions of procrastination and having mood swings when it came to the craft. It was refreshing to hear both of them talk about it and I sort of had this awakening to write once more.

Meeting Amy Zhang

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I first approached Amy to get my book signed and, being me, I completely flaked out in having an enlightening conversation with her. I simply asked her how her stay was and she told me that the Philippines was really beautiful and she’s loving her stay here. Right after, I asked her what her favorite local food was so far. Lechon and adobo were her picks and she’ll definitely come back to visit just for the food.

Randomly I just thought to recommend Jollibee (which is a local fast food chain here in the Philippines) and she said that she’ll definitely try it before she heads home. She was really excited for the New York branch to finally open two years from now, which I wasn’t aware.

Meeting Andrea Portes

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Andrea had this badass vibe going and I honestly was sort of intimidated by her, but that all changed when we talked as I got my books signed. She was really nice and lovely! However things got slightly awkward when she asked me if I’ve read the book We Need to Talk About Kevin. I didn’t caught the first half of what she said and I just looked at her confused because I honestly thought that she told me “We need to talk Kevin.” I guess she saw the perplexity of my expression painted on my face because she didn’t push it further.

Then to add to that little hitch, I asked her how her visit was so far and she told me that the weather was humid and sunny, which was a far cry from L.A.’s dry heat. I assumed that it was a pleasant experience for her, so I said so, but she just told me that it was confusing and jarring.

There you have it people, being an awkward human being is just part of my soul!

It was also amazing catching up with my fellow bloggers!

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I finally met Fay from The Bibliophile Soprano!
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And also Kim of Divergent Gryffindor!
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The Snapchat twins: Salve of Cuckoo for Books and Sab of Sab the Book Eater!
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Didn’t went for the stalkerish candid photo this time!

Miss Kate Evangelista was also present at the event and I was so pissed off with myself for not bringing my copy of Savor for her to sign! I’ve always wanted to talk to her, but I get so shy when I’m around her.

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Miss Kate having a conversation with Amy!
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Algel of Tea-rrific Reads with Amy and Andrea! That’s actually Algel’s artwork the two authors are holding, which are amazing!

That pretty much sums up my entire #AmyAndAndreaInPH experience! Thank you National Bookstore for being the awesome bookseller that you and for always hosting exciting book signings!

Did you attend the booksigning for Amy and Andrea? How was your experience like? Please do tell me about down below in the comments section!





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