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September 18, 2016 was a very bookish day for me because I was able to attend two literary events, which were Morgan Matson’s book signing event and the 37th Annual Manila International Book Fair! Let’s begin discussing things shall we?


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Morgan Matson is a name I’ve heard countless times in the book blogging and booktube scene. Her books have been raved upon by various online YA literary personalities like Hazel from Stay Bookish, Heather from Bookables, Ariel Bissett, and Maureen Keavy. So when National Bookstore  announced that she’ll be coming to the Philippines for a book signing, I knew I had to be there. Truthfully, I have only read Since You’ve Been Gone and I enjoyed her easy-going yet immersive writing style so I wasn’t completely clueless to who I was meeting.


Morgan Matson’s personailty was so bubbly and down-to-earth! She answered every question with a smile and her personality just drew me in. I heavily related when she talked about finishing a first draft because like her I think that I am the Prince of First Twenty Pages! It was really encouraging to hear her talk about her craft and it made me want to work on my project ASAP!

Meeting Morgan Matson

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When I finally had my one-on-one chance to talk to her, I knew I had to ask something worthwhile and so I was sort of prepared! No talking about the weather this time on Kevin’s Anecdotes which is a step up! Anyway I asked Morgan about revisions, editing, and rewriting.

I told her that I was struggling with rewriting my current Work In Progress and I was hoping to get some insights from someone who had done it four times already! She told me that normally she rarely rewrite large chunks of her books until her latest project came along. This project of hers faced some major rectifications and rewrites, which was frustrating at times. However, she said that it was totally necessary in order for her to put out the best work she could give to her readers.

Then I asked if she outlines her novels and she told me that she was a pantser-outliner hybrid. For those of you who are not in the know, in the writing communities there are three kinds of writers (these explanations are my own understanding of the terms and not the “official” definitions):

  • Pantsers are those who “writes by the seat of their pants.” These writers are the adventurous types that have a general idea of their projects or none at all and they just go with the flow of their stream of consciousness and type away until they produce something.
  • Outliners are planners. They prepare before undertaking any project, moulding the worlds and characters before they even start to write.
  • Hybrids are those who does outline or prepare beforehand but they are also willing to be flexible and just wing it as they go along.

It was amazing to have picked her brain about writing and learned about her as an author!

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Morgan signing these amazing prints made by Hazel of Stay Bookish!

Meeting Kate Evangelista

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Then I also had the amazing opportunity to finally talk to Kate Evangelista (author of No Love Allowed, Til Death, Savor, etc.). I’ve met her countless times in these events, but I never had the guts to talk to her. I get so shy around writers, but I decided to just go for it and it turned to be  a great decision. She was so bubbly, nice, and accommodating!

Talking to her about her books was such a treat (even though I haven’t read any of them, I know shame on me)! Here are some of the scoop I uncovered:

  • Savor‘s sequel will be published by Anvil and it’ll come out soon (maybe late October or early November)!
  • She talked about her current work in progress which is a totally baller take on Beauty and the Beast! It sounded unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. I hope it’ll be published ASAP!

Of course I also got to spend time with my fellow book bloggers!

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From Left to Right: Kim of Divergent Gryffindor, Nina of The Bookish Confections, Kai of Amaterasu Reads, Leslie of The Bibliophile Kid, and Algel of Tea-rrific Reads!
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Top (Left to Right): Jelo, Dea and May Ann of Teen Readers’ Diary, Louisse of The Soul Sisters, Sab of Sab The Book Eater, Kai and Nina!  Bottom (Left to Right): Dianne of Oops I Read A Book Again, Jesselle of The Lifelong Bookworm, and Maricar of Black Plume!
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Photo Credit: Jesselle of The Lifelong Bookworm 

It is always a great pleasure spending time with these wonderful people!

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THANK YOU Kate (of The Bookaholic Blurbs) for giving me a spare instax film! 

Thank you very much to National Bookstore for hosting these events and for their continued promotion of all forms of literature in the country.


My personal MIBF 2016 experience wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies because of the dizzying amount of people that went to the event and how literally jam-PACKED it was (like sardines-in-a-can tightness). I got so frustrated I even tweeted that I won’t be doing a blog post about the 37th Annual Manila International Book Fair…

However, after a week of pondering, I realized that I just got caught up with the stress and chaos of the day and I didn’t even thought of the wonderful picture that this chaos portrayed, which was that the Filipinos are becoming more bookish! People from all walks of life were seen in the event and it still amazes me how vastly popular MIBF has gotten through the years. I still distinctly remember my very first MIBF experience back in 2012, it was calmer and more laid-back.

Here are some of the photos I took during the event…

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The map of the realms of MIBF! I wasn’t able to explore every single booth because it was all crammed! Next year I’ll go the first day so there’ll be less stress.
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The amazing (and sometimes frustrating) crowd at MIBF!
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The booth that I was dying to go to, but sadly the books I wanted to get were all sold out.
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The throng of people inside National Bookstores area!
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Looks like a hurricane flew by!
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I bought a set of seven Children’s books here for my nephew! #BookNerdUncle
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These are so precious!
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REX’s booth was really exotic!
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This really reminded me of the Crash Bandicoot mask character I’ve played when I was a kid!
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This series of Filipino Middle Grade fantasy looks interesting!
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Summit Media’s booth is always a staple of mine but…
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…this insane crowd just turned me off. I was looking forward to buy a couple of titles though, but I was too tired to battle my way inside.
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I did get a glance of the voluptuous Jinri Park at her signing!

I am just so proud of the literary scene that is currently growing in our country! People are becoming more interested in the written word (whether be it in the digital or traditional formats) and in turn creating a generation that gives importance to this noble craft. I hope that this will snowball into something enlightening and truly revolutionary.

Did you guys attend both of these events? What were your experiences and what books did you get from the book fair? Comment it down below and let’s have a conversation!



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