Maybe This Time by C.P. Santi | Book Review

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Title: Maybe This Time

Author/s: C.P. Santi

Publication: Self-published June 3rd 2016

Format: Paperback

Source: Personal Purchase


Plot in a Nutshell:

An accidental reunion . . . a sneaky plot . . . things finally falling into place.

Maybe This Time contains three heart-warming stories of love and second chances. Because when fate gives you a break, you grab the chance to finally make things right.

In Sweeter by the Second, when paintings conservator Rina David arrives for the Arts Festival in the heritage town of Jimenez, she’s reunited with Tony, the guy she once loved and lost. Now vice-mayor of Jimenez, Tony wants Rina back in his life and will do everything he can to convince her that they belong together.

Pamela Quiroz hatches a plot to get her parents back together in Exorcising my Ex. But will a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner succeed in reconciling Geno and Viv? After all, it’s been more than fifteen years since they first got together and they aren’t the hormone-driven teenagers they once were. Will wine and cheese balls still do the trick?

Torch, meet hand. Arne Weichmann has been waiting twenty-one years for Bea. Is it finally the right time to make his move and convince her that they are Meant to Be? He hopes so. Because he doesn’t think he’ll survive losing the one person who brought warmth and sunshine to his life.

Synopsis from Goodreads

Thoughts in General:

Maybe This Time by C.P. was a book that I honestly didn’t intend to purchase when I went to the Feels Fest activity that happened last October 2016. However, when a live reading of the first short story in the collection was done by two awesome stage actors, I got swayed to purchase it and I did not regret it at all. It’s a book that is focused on love and second chances, which is my personal favorite kind of stories in the romance genre. I’m going to say right off the bat that all of the stories here are cute, fluffy, and steamy.


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The book cover is nice, but frankly I just don’t immediately feel the connection between it and the stories. It’s an okay book cover for me to be perfectly honest.

Story and Characters:

Since this is a short story collection I will be reviewing each story separately and then I’ll discuss by the end my overall feelings regarding its entirety.

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The first story in this collection is titled Sweeter by the Second and it is all about Rina and Tony. This particular story felt like a sweeping contemporary rom-com movie! I like how smooth the story flowed and what the struggles of both Rina and Tony had in the past before they finally got their second chance. It was also really funny and, there I say, hot too.

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The second story is Exorcising my Ex which revolved around Geno and Viv. Guys this is probably my favorite story in the entire collection. First off, the story is actually told from the first person POV of Gino, which I rarely see in a romance novel. The characters are definitely older and I think it was refreshing to read from the perspectives of mid-thirty year olds since I normally read Young Adult. It started off in a very Parent Trap way and I just love the way how the story was told. The setting and situations of the characters were realistic enough that it was not extremely dramatic. It was sweet, romantic, and incredibly hopeful. (Sidenote: I still couldn’t figure out the connection of the title with the story. Maybe it’s the symbolism, but I am still not sold on that.)

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The last story, Meant to Be is about Arne and Bea. This is another feel-good love story that was simple yet enjoyable. However, I have to say that this is my least favorite among the three. I just did not feel connected with the story compared to the first two that I read from this collection. But don’t get me wrong, this story is still well-written and sweet.

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Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the stories in Maybe this Time by C.P. Santi because they were all cutesy romance that I enjoy. The writing was easy and I love the way the author sprinkled Filipino culture in her stories (especially in Sweeter by the Second).   The situations in most of her stories were not overly dramatic, which made them all realistic and ultimately relatable.

What are your own thoughts regarding Maybe This Time? Don’t hesitate to comment it down below and let’s chat about it.



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