All That Glitters by Ines Bautista-Yao | Book Review + Discussion


Title: All That Glitters

Author/s: Ines Bautista-Yao

Publication: Kindle Book, March 31st 2016 (original publication thru Sparks Books, 2016)

Format: Paperback

Source: e-book from the author

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Plot in a Nutshell:

When they have nothing better to do, college students Billie Santiago and Carlos Angeles enjoy imagining what their lives will be like five years into the future. It’s never serious—just a whole lot of teasing and poking fun at each other. Until blindingly handsome, PR professional Iñigo Antonio saunters into the university bookstore where Billie works. All of a sudden, she finds herself face to face with the physical manifestation of the very dream she tells Carlos about.

Captivated by Iñigo’s magnetic personality, Billie is lured into his dazzlingly glamorous world—much to Carlos’s frustration. But as Billie notices Iñigo might not be playing by the rules, Carlos begs her to stay away from him. When Billie doesn’t listen, she realizes too late that she is in over her head and it may take a miracle (or a boy who cares deeply about her) to help get her out of it.

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Thoughts in General:

(DISCLAIMER: I received this e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All analyzations and opinions within this review are entirely my own.)

All That Glitters by Ines Bautista-Yao is certainly a contemporary romance page-turner! It was such a nice narrative that just took hold of me and I could not stop reading it. Yes, I do admit that the story is simple, but the way she wrote the novel just sucked me in. It was written in a way that made me feel invested in the story of Billie and her best friend Carlos. Despite finding some minor issues with the book, which I will delve deeper into the spoiler discussion later on, I’m really glad that I got the opportunity to read it and be entertained by it. So if you like a light YA romance that has a tinge of drama and will spark the feels then I recommend All That Glitters.


Since I received and read an e-book, I cannot fully review the overall design of it aside from the cover, which is done really well.


It represents a particular scene in the novel and it was done beautifully by the illustrator (to which, I’m not familiar with the name).


The overall story is sort of like a very loose Devil Wears Prada situation, wherein our main character Billie is your typical college student who is suddenly captivated by a man named Iñigo Antonio and is swept off into the glitzy life of being in his PR company. However, she suddenly loses track of her friends, family, and even herself.

I think what really made me like the novel is the friendship between Billie and Carlos. I just like their dynamic in the story because Billie is the headstrong personality while Carlos was the gentler type. I like how it depicted that not all male characters are supposed to be the cocky Adonis. I also enjoyed seeing Billie’s interactions with her brothers, because it made her more real to me.

Although, as I mentioned before, there were certain parts in the story that I found a tad bit dramatic and over-the-top, which caused me to suspend my disbelief to an extent (particularly during the climax of the story). Again, I’ll talk more about it in the discussion part of this review.


I really enjoyed the POV of Billie because of how she was written. It was like reading from the perspective of a close friend and I couldn’t help but be invested.

Carlos was a pretty neat guy and I liked how he wasn’t your typical macho-type. He was shy, in-tuned with his feelings and, frankly, relatable.

Nicka was an unexpected surprise. I like how she provided comfort to Billie, especially in her time of need.

I can’t talk about Iñigo without spoilers, so please read on to my discussion portion if you want to know my true feelings for this character.

All That Glitters is a solid YA novel that left me happy and contented.

 Thoughts in Details (SPOILERS):

Okay, let us discuss some vague things I mentioned earlier…

I honestly did not like Iñigo from the get-go. He was a smooth-talking douche and a freaking greedy a-hole, especially in the latter part of the novel. I actually am thankful I went on reading All That Glitters completely blind because I did not expect that he would be that slimy.

The plot issue I kept mentioning in this review is the melodramatic way the road to the climax went down. Okay, so during that scene when a scandal hit that politician and Billie finally figured out that Iñigo was behind all of it, the first thing that came to my mind was “this is like a teleserye (a.k.a soap opera).” This is especially true in the way that Iñigo revealed himself as the villain to Billie and the way he threatened her was such a true teleserye moment. This is necessarily not a bad thing and it all boils down to my own personal preference. I just wished that the reveal wasn’t as sinister as it played down in order for Inigo’s villainy to appear less caricaturish. However, I enjoyed the “showdown” at the climax of the novel when that reporter finally went a step ahead and exposed his dirty work.

Another issue that got me is the fact that Carlos realized his feelings for Billie when she had a makeover. I know that he always had feelings for her, but why did he suddenly acted so weird around her after the makeover. This issue was really minuscule that I could easily brush off.

The chemistry between Billie and Carlos really took off during that observatory scene, where the cover of the book was inspired of.

And of course, let us discuss the cute ending where Carlos created that constellation of Billie during that workshop they hosted for those kids.  That was sweet and really kilig-inducing.


Thank you very much to Miss Ines Bautista-Yao for giving me the opportunity to review her book!

Have you got your opinions regarding All That Glitters? Then feel free to share it down below and let us discuss!



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