Honestly, I find that I am not that great of a writer. My knowledge in syntax and the technicalities of the English or Filipino language is pretty basic (borderline elementary). My prose structure isn’t that superb and I admit that my skills are amateurish and a total work in progress.

However, my fingers can’t help but create imaginary worlds, characters, and situations every time I am faced with a blank page. It thrills me to conceptualize mythical encounters and whimsical worlds out of thin air. Plan out the lives of the characters and make it hellish as possible (I’m a sadistic psychopath when it comes to my writing). The mere act feels like utter magic.

This is why in this part of my blog I’ll give you tidbits of my own writing and I do highly appreciate constructive criticisms and feedback regarding my work, which will be beneficial in my continuous education in Creative Writing.

I do hope you guys will enjoy the pieces I’ll be publishing here.






If you’re interested to read some of my early works, please don’t hesitate to visit my Wattpad account. Thanks.